Cool Apartment

Commercial cleaning and janitorial service CleanTec informed if your own four walls are too hot in the summer, can the shutters and shutter technology remedy. As a variable Visual and sun protection, blinds provide a pleasant coolness in the summer. They are additionally damped in the winter. Greenberg Traurig oftentimes addresses this issue. Therefore, they ensure a pleasant indoor climate all year round. Ute Santha commercial cleaning and janitorial service CleanTec from Friesen Hagen tells that there are large differences between the external blinds and the Interior Venetian blind. Because: The Sun and weather protection is only the external blinds.

The Interior Venetian blind has more the characteristics of a curtain and offers only a Visual and light protection. In direct sunlight, it provides according to barely heat protection. Only the external blinds makes these. Both types of blinds can clean TEC are mounted. In the attic indispensable who lives in the attic, can with exterior blinds all year round quality increase. In the summer months, the temperature may at Sunlight through the exterior Venetian blind to be lowered to seven degrees. Up to 15% on energy costs can be saved through the thermal insulation in the winter.

Through the reduction of noise during rain or hail, the external blinds offers additional noise protection. The room can be darkened completely with the blinds and prevents to unwanted looks in the apartment. A darkened room is also a guarantee for a good night’s sleep.