Construction Development

Today in our country, construction is developing at unprecedented pace, so the quality pile foundation are in great demand. One of the most important operations in the performance of pile foundation is boring wells under the pile. Currently Bored wells are often used. They are executed in the soil, if necessary, they lowered the special tubes that retain their shape well in the case of the collapse of the walls. To harden designs can be made horizontal directional drilling, which connects the vertical wells.

The choice of the principle of a well depends on the particular situation. To strengthen the walls of the wells recoverable using special tubes or Unrecoverable. Also, the walls of wells can be strengthened with a special solution. The construction of all types of pile foundations laid down in relevant regulations and should be carried out in strict accordance with the standard procedure: 1. Lay ground under the foundation, 2.

The development of pits and their delivery and reception, compulsory fencing of pits 3. Installing the core axis of piles 4. Test piling 5. Full immersion or basic stage of production piles, 6. Removal of heads of piles; 7. Alignment of excavation in locations where the plates are arranged in 8. Pouring concrete space under the plate 9. Installation of plate 10. Acceptance and delivery finished pile foundation.

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