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Five trainees of Deutsche Annington include real estate SE 2013 the best graduates in the region of Bochum/Herne DAIG of one of the ‘leader’ in the training facilities in the Central Ruhr area. The property clerks of DAIG slipped in under the total of 120 young women and men who have successfully completed their training this year with the top Note 1 (very well”) in the District of Central Ruhr area Chamber of Commerce. Thus, the Deutsche Annington, together with the savings bank to Witten and Thyssen Krupp AG is one of the three most successful training companies in the region. 40 Of straight graduates in the IHK-district come this year from Bochum. You represent what young people are today capable”, Chamber of Commerce President Jurgen Fiege commented. To highlight the outstanding performance of the trainees is Lilli Wall, which is one of the two best real estate merchants throughout North Rhine-Westphalia with her test result. Wall end of November within the framework of the country best spit receives another award for this performance.

The learning curve was up in particular the preparation for the final exams has given us much demanded, but is an even greater feeling to see it now, that the effort paid off made have. “, commented on the wall your test result. For their dream job in the local customer service rental moved you now some weeks ago even after Bonn. The successes, very good accounts of the trainees, as well as the Karriere(n) made in the company to confirm that it is worthwhile to invest a lot in their own offspring. 2012 The DAIG received for their training concepts of exemplary training company Award”by the employers Association of the housing industry association (AGVS). Learn more about the Deutsche Annington: about the Deutsche Annington the Deutsche Annington real estate group among Germany’s leading apartment providers with around 210,000 leased and managed apartments.