Sundays Alves Ribeiro

Already the plant Gentleman of the Bomfim was established in to year of 1912 will be you Sundays Alves Ribeiro and Baquia Ernest Birth. also had throughout the years to other administrators. They had been employee in the decade of 40 INTRODUCTION to understand the history of a civilization is necessary before to study the personal accomplishment of great protagonists. History is nothing more than innumerable together biographies decade of 40, standing out the importance of them inside of the economy manufacter, as well as the regimen developed inside of the company, faced difficulties had the time to be favorable to the masculine work, relationship employed master and the questions of sort. Thinking about the social matter of the woman and about the conquests acquired in elapsing of the time in the social and working context, it was that the yearning in knowing the history of the laborers of the textile industry in the city of Ranch appeared, a time that the woman is considered that one who has the function to procreate and to take care of of the members of the family. The woman obtained to be successful these barriers throughout the time and entered the work market, market this restricted one only to the men. This reality was transformed from the period between-wars occurred into the world. The plants had been feminizadas and same postwar period they had been gaining space in the work market. She intends yourself with this study to sensetize the faculty, learning and the society in general of the importance to know the participation of the estancianas women in industry manufacter, as well as knowing until point had contributed in the economic rise of the city, therefore they veem showing that they are capable and that they can as well as the men, to work worthy, obtaining to play diverse roles as mother, wife and laborer or any another function.