Raichle – Hiking Boots With Quality

Raichle is a traditional company based in Switzerland, and manufactures high-quality hiking boots, Nordic walking shoes and hiking boots. 1909 Louis founded the company in Raichle, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland and until 1924, the first walking shoes were manufactured. Since 2002, we focused entirely on outdoor shoes. Already 1 year later by the renowned outdoor brand Raichle “Mammoth is accepted and has since been re-established in Switzerland. Raichle – A guarantee of quality Raichle hiking boots should be synonymous with top quality, so that the joy of sport is not clouded by bad shoes. Therefore Raichle has high quality demands. If a manufacturing or material defects in, you can report it by Raichle and will either be repaired or erstetzt with a new shoe. Of course, at the expense of Raichle. Not included is the normal wear and tear or damage caused by accidents or improper use. Raichle Raichle would not, if she would not offer a repair service at a fair pricewould. Whether a shoe is covered by the warranty, clears one of the best Fchhndler with Raichle. Do not forget to clean the shoe and take the receipt with! Raichle Raichle-week summer test of his shoes is so convinced that they give in the summer 2007 collection a satisfaction guarantee. One can test the hiking boots four weeks without mercy, and if you are not satisfied, to be exchanged the shoes. It’s simple: You go to his dealer, seeks a shoe from the current collection, thus goes to the mountains, climbing to one, the Swedish Fell or walking. And now it is coming: If the shoe pinches, too small or too large, we may convert the shoe from the dealer against another model. “I”-dot Raichle goes one better and gives the customer the opportunity to participate in the Try and Win “contest. You can win the new Raichle Softshell shoes. The promotion is valid until the end of September.

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