Dragon Age Origins

We first heard about Dragon Age in 2004. At E3 the company announced the development of BioWare role-playing game. A year later came platformers version Jade Empire, and after three and Mass Effect – one of the best RPG on Xbox 360. Development has been much delayed and the release date was postponed to 2009 year. Because of the delay time to schedule the game blanch, but the atmosphere and gameplay only won. Dragon Age has adopted all the best from such monsters as Baldur's Gate – the dialogues, travel in style, Neverwinter Nights and spectacular fights of World of Warcraft. Developers managed to create a believable, adult and violent fantasy-world. The world that captivates and does not release the player until the very end.

Running game Dragon Age begins with the rather extensive editor appearance of our hero. Using a set of tools provided by the developers, it turns out to create a truly unique character. Here and choose the sex and race, skin tone, the volume of the head and nose. You can choose even the timbre of his voice and mannerisms of speech. But this affect only the sentence, which the hero shouts out at the time of the battle, because the cues during the conversation is not made public. The game features six prehistory (man-noble, the magician, doliysky elf, a dwarf aristocrat, a dwarf, or a commoner urban elf).

And then selects the first interesting feature of Dragon Age – Six variants of the starting event. A long time nobody will be surprised by the presence of multiple endings, but the initial event, no matter what the character does not select a player usually the same. BioWare have corrected this mistake. Path magician and poor urban pixie differ so much as is possible. In addition, the background has an impact on developments throughout the game. For example, the ratio people to an aristocrat and former golodrantsu will be very different. And it is not so important that all paths ultimately lead to the only possible complication of the global – the very presence encouraged at least some choice. Main classes in the game Dragon Age: Origins of three: the warrior, mage and a thief, but they are flexible. No one will prevent the soldier to learn some magic spells, and the magician – to learn to fight with heavy swords. That's just the question arises, whether such experiments? Practice shows that no matter how flexible the system was not a class in the game, the greatest success has always sought characters is a narrow and strict specialization.

Fishing In Siberia

Of all the largest rivers in Siberia, Ob – most fish and that in most of the Ob and the basin it is possible to catch almost any fish of all varieties of fish resources in Siberia. After construction on the river, Novosibirsk GES and the emergence of the Ob Sea, there was a noticeable redistribution of fishery resources. Great catch whitefish in the river basin was at all times until the present time, until, unfortunately, is not built into the upper reaches of platinum, and now to meet this kind of fish can be very rare. But the fish in our days in the upper reaches quite enough to make anyone skilled fisherman found a real satisfaction from fishing or spinning through a simple fishing rod and has extracted long-awaited trophy. Consequently, the fishing can be done anywhere in the river, as in the impenetrable place, and near settlements. But the real fishing trip with a few days – this is the action to which a thorough prepared, carefully check the fishing gear, pack clothes for fishing, and, if the yield is calculated on a boat, the boat motors must be inspected.

It is no secret to many that the greatest catches you can do if you use the spinning, and the best fishing from a boat or boats. Because, to have a personal boat or a boat can not either, there is another, no less convenient option – is to use an inflatable boat however, fishing is better to go with an echo sounder on the boat. Fishing can be used easy enough with excellent high-speed boat carrying capacity of "Progress". In addition, with seats and decorated tent raised in boat can comfortably accommodate for sleeping at least three people. To purchase any rigging for fishing, it is not necessary to go to a specific fishing shop – the same if not greater range is a fishing shop online. By the way, is becoming more popular this way of fishing, which is called "the count", its essence lies in the fact that a boat approaching the edge of the spit and pumped a wooden stake and some below the water level is fixed "dolevik." Non-standard bottom fishing rod with a few hooks and a dolevikom at its various hooks bait sit down, and feature lies in the fact that these hooks are not thrown into the water, and their establishment is done with boats. Determine this gear easily – on a boat or a boat suited to the nail, is fixed for floating craft