Wiesbaden Managing Director

Alexander Kurz Alexander Kurz appointed to the regional representatives of the BVFI for the region of Wiesbaden Managing Director of IMMO/RO, real estate, takes over the regional representation of the BVFI for the region of Wiesbaden from the 01.01.2013. Thus find all local in the real estate industry make suffers a competent partner of the Federal Association for the Immobilienwirtschaft.Die real estate industry with Mr Alexander Kurz a significant shortcoming: many professional groups, in particular the real estate agent, have a bad image. Cause usually is a tremendous quality and education deficit, combined with a widespread acquisition, cooperation and services deficit. We want to counteract this situation”, so Alexander Kurz by IMMO/RO real estate. We support as regional representatives of the BVFI who pass on the work of the Association, making attention with events on the BVFI, the products and services to the real estate professionals in the regions and as competent contact persons to the Available”explains Alexander Kurz. About the BVFI, the real estate industry in Germany is on the move. An interesting idea is for more and more people become involved, professionally in the real estate business.

There are numerous fields of activity with interesting development opportunities and attractive prospects. The real estate market looks specialized professionals for the marketing of real estate and competent care of customers with increasingly complex tasks and requirements on legal and commercial skills. Therefore, the real estate industry needed new, ground-breaking and also practical solutions as well as a still more training geared to the needs of the customer. For this reason, 2010 of the “BVFI – Federal Association for the real estate industry” as a modern, dynamic and innovative practice Association was founded. The BVFI it is a concern to all in the real estate business professionals practical services and added value, as well as an efficient network on the basis to give tools, products, processes, Expertise, to provide legal assistance, making first place affordable everyday always faster and more demanding. The three-tier membership model begins with an accredited membership (free of charge), which already includes the services of BVFI.