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In the coalition agreement of the SPD and the CDU/CSU, a large, decisive role plays the theme of housing and real estate. Magdeburg, 05.12.2013. Housing should be affordable even in the inner districts of big cities. The schwaz red coalition agreement is not only advocates. Green Bundestag delegate Christian Kuhn criticized the real estate of the parties and the real estate lobby in General.

It seems all the points would be implemented, which in recent months has been warned. The brokers Association is against the rent brake. This central point of the Coalition Treaty is intended to prevent drastic rent increases when tenants change. Experts fear the Treaty as a brake for the new residential construction. Landlord associations believed to compensate for the rental price brake depreciation will reintroduced.

With her real estate companies could write off higher investments in the early years than it is today. But even without depreciation, Germany’s real estate developers want to build more homes. Since 2010, the building permits rise for apartment buildings, from January to September 2013 compared even to 25.1 percent to 86 000 flats. Interestingly, the building permits for apartments for rent in this period even by one-third and 14 percentage points more than the climbed for condos. The German tenants Association, however, is glad when the rental price brake comes. This is how obviously even industry representatives. But the goal, to keep people of different social classes in city centres, rather than separate them in different districts, will not probably reach the rental brake. Because the landlord will select the tenants with the best credit rating in the future. Who would like to not worry about the rent brake, but invest in the profitable, German real estate market, is properly advised at the MCM investor Management AG. The Magdeburg company can benefit their investors in the form of an alternative from the Immobilienhype: rights simplifies the access to the real estate market a broader target group. There is therefore a Win-win relationship: Benefits the MCM investor Management AG, whose investors also benefit. A good balance between safety, yield potential and high flexibility of investment products are the core competencies of the MCM investor Management AG.