The Color

Aluminum retains heat poorly, but now there are technologies that make the metal more 'warm' – with a variety of insulated boxes. Prior to that, aluminum is practically not used in residential construction, despite its strength and longevity. Windows from aluminum with insulated inserts (so-called 'warm') are usually the same or slightly more expensive than high-quality wood, and pure aluminum (so-called 'cold') – even cheaper. The main characteristics of the profile are its width and number of cameras. The latter applies only to plastic and metal profiles, which, unlike wood, are hollow multi-chamber elements. On the number, size and location of cameras depends largely on the strength of the profile and its insulating properties.

For aluminum profile having just hollow chambers, such as a plastic, not from the point viewpoint of effective conservation. Therefore, the metal profile by insulating the jumper to force 'break' into two parts, a hollow chamber filled with thermal insulation material. Plastic profiles differ not only over high heat-shielding properties, but also by the fact that it is easier to clean and wash. From the standpoint of structural solutions manufacturers of plastic windows are more in pole position. For their manufacture produces a large number of not only basic but also support (Additionally gathered) the items. This expands the architectural possibilities of pvc windows and simplify their installation. Windows, collected with the help of these elements can have virtually any shape (from square to a complex arch), the color and style decisions, as well as any type of opening.