And of course, ancient vineyards, with species selected and recognized. The winery, as I said, had recently been re opened as such, having been forgotten for a hundred years, being used only sporadically for the cultivation of mushrooms, as rightly guessed. It is solid work, well designed and planned for use, and underlies all the original buildings of the hamlet, having communication with any of the houses, some exterior opening that serves as a vent, and two major inputs, one main arcaded walk from the ground, taking advantage of the gap between the lowlands of the bank and higher where sits the hamlet. This entry to the right of the church and below it, as is de Aranjuez, the invoice is kept, Baroque, and large enough to allow both the passage of two horse drawn carriages of the time of its construction. The winery is able to visit: It was a successful commercial tactic. Indeed, the gallery was blinded. I was not really hidden.

Just could not imagine where could carry. No one remembered or figured in the plans had been developed recently. If you did not know it was there, or are looking for, there were no signs that indicate. Another brick wall appeared more than those who discontinue the vaulted gallery. Brickwork, if heeded, more recently than the rest of the walls. Even now its location was simple, because logically blank wall was used: in support of a large jar, very high and wider at the center, no doubt an accomplishment, for not being accessible, since her mouth touched the roof, despite the height of this, "This kind of jars used to stand, as I said Eugene, using a second-story appeared on whose soil the mouth, because his height was more than a normal apartment building, and its volume proportionate, measured in quarters.