When fears come to mind, we usually dismiss them automatically. But of course, its effectiveness is counterbalanced by the fact that it is laborious and cumbersome, so just a shortcut that will lead to the same goal. Or not? Although we are not too aware of this, many of us have a propensity to deny us the best chance boycott and our dreams, plans or thoughts. Several factors can determine to what degree such a thing happens and it would be too extensive to treat here. Our own circumstances are the bottleneck that determines to what extent we are able to clearly distinguish which is the best option. Check out Professor Rita McGrath for additional information. But whatever the reason that we stop doing what corresponds to each situation, hides a reality that always eludes: fear, the real key to our behavior. So, fear is the tool that derails our intentions and that makes us err in choosing the right choice.

And not only is the bad use we make of it, also is the instrument used by others towards us, which happens from all instances. I have seen the fear in a case that I know too well: sexual abuse in childhood. This fear paralyzes us in childhood and adulthood crept up to expand and control our existence. It may seem that I opted for a somewhat extreme example, but in reality the performance is always the same, terrible regardless of the circumstances in which it operates fear. When the destination is no longer in your hands excuses are making all sorts of arguments for not doing what needs to be done.

United Nations

Still thus, let us assume it estresse and the service overload as basic factors that intervene with the quality of life of these professionals. Ahead of this such project for the necessity of the quality of life in the work is justified, since it combines the quality of general life of individuals, thus contributing for a more healthful life. Anne Chadwick is the source for more interesting facts. To follow one will discourse on the Quality of Life and its aspects influenciadores in the life of the individuals. Quality of Life In accordance with Loyal (2008) apud Saucers et al (1998) the term quality of life possesss diverse definitions, can if mention that it has to see with the form as the people live, feels and understands its daily one. It involves aspects as the health, the education, the transport, the housing, the work and the participation in the decisions, situations very varied as the worthy attendance in accident and illness case, the level of escolaridade, the comfort and the pontualidade in the displacement, the feeding in enough amount and quality and until the ownership of household-electric, that is, everything what it provokes necessary well-being for the individual. In accordance with the PNUD (1990) apud Minayo, Hartz and Buss (2000), defines quality of life as an approach of the satisfaction degree that if finds in the life familiar, loving, social and ambient. This term involves many meanings, that are the knowledge, the experiences and values of individuals that are marked by the cultural relativity, that is the varied times, spaces and different estrias. However, this cultural relativismo does not leave to perceive some forms of quality of life. For the evaluation of the quality of life of the population the Index of Desenvolvimento was created Humano (IDH), in which (the PNUD) was elaborated by the Program of United Nations for the Development and in this pointer it meets conception of that income, health and education are three basic elements of the quality of life of a population.


Self-esteem is formed by the setting of limits, especially those facing situations or people that can hurt us. Self-esteem is formed also by the possibility of discovering individual talents as well as that for which we are not able, in this sense, Multiple Intelligences, we can give guidance on who we are and what skills that distinguish us. When we are able to encourage and reward achievements, as well as our children are recognizing their own successes, so far, is being consolidated, self-respect as a real process, not a fake I, who believed that deserves all, who wants everything and also did not see anything of what is given. At one time, how is the present, it appears that some parents take to the adulation of the child against poor behavior and not quality. Others, overprotective and not allow them to live their own consequences. In fact, having a good dose of self-esteem, paradoxical, it seems, is required to have a degree of frustration tolerance. The vast majority of parents now suffer, along with their children, when for some reason suffer.

And take to the task of compensating for their discontent. Whether material things, avoiding the issue, or compensate for their pain. The only way in which children can sustain a solid foundation in their personalities, depends on several factors: need to help them have confidence in them, their capabilities and their ability to solve problems and conflicts that at his age, may have. That people can feel loved and valued for what they are, not what I would like them to be.


Do you need to lose the shyness? Surely that on more than one occasion you has passed through your mind that you want to lose the shyness and stop being an introverted person. You experience such desire to interact with others, get more involved in your social environment and be part of a group of people, generally have many relationships with others. Because you let me tell you that you’ve already taken the first step to reach your goal of losing the shyness. Now, we find that the second step has to be a change and you have to start you, already taking action. This is crucial, only so get lose the shyness and feel happier and more free. Insurance already have read enough about techniques and methods to achieve losing shyness, you’ve been researching on the internet and knowing hundreds of ways to achieve this.But it’s worth have nothing saved on your computer a lot of information and not act, do not experiment with your social environment.

You have to establish friendships, talk to people you don’t know, go out more and interact with others. Rest assured that at the principle will have some glitches of confidence, is something very normal, not take it badly. The more practice your best you get unwrap you, everything you will be more natural and easy, getting so much more confidence in yourself. Nothing more simple to understand that you have to practice, as the following example. do you remember when mounted on a bike never had not? You had to start from scratch and slowly, with the help of your parents, little a WAST little overcoming your fears, and one day it started to give pedals you alone, without help from anyone, what you got to Yes? Lose the shyness is exactly the same, aid can have it through a book, a guide or a professional, but do not get lose the shyness if you not throw, as when you learned to ride a bicycle. Article related that you may want to stop being shy, nothing is for free if you can lose the shyness you get as a reward you become someone nicer, more communicative and have relations with others much more healthy.

So I encourage you that you imagine the situation in which you have managed to overcome shyness once you see you so, take control of your life and decide to change at once, if you don’t step does not get it, as when you lanzaste you know riding the bicycle. In my blog, you can read a little more about me, as well as provide you with some suggestions on how to get lose the shyness. If you want to you can take a look to see how and if you have any doubt about something, ask me. Do not consider myself no expert in the matter, but if I have gone through your same situation, and I’ve managed to overcome it. That is why, I decided to share with you tips or suggestions which I think can help you a lot to leave shyness behind. I invite you to visit my blog to stop being shy I would like to know of your achievements and positive changes that you are getting. Remember that you don’t have to pay once you start. A good guide helps a lot, because you know a professional control everything you need to know about shyness, just as well get to lose the shyness.

Property Development

Physiological point of this psychological process is the formation of temporary ties, reflecting a certain ratio of certain basic conditioned stimuli, forming a common part of all the individual relationships with other similar properties. Just another began to emerge at the level of development of the brain of anthropoids process of psychological analysis and synthesis dramatically sets them apart from all lower in the phylogenetic series of animals, above all, a highly developed subject activity. Anthropoids have able to meet their needs to use, such properties of various objects as the property is extended limb, thus combining into one class of this property, objects such as stick, rope, wire. The birth of this process highlights of anthropoids is also the birth of their gun business, ie nucleation ability to attach objects are needed to meet the specific needs of property. For example, breaking the stick from the bush, breaking of her lateral branches, pointed sticks bait, etc.

All this is evidence that the brain of anthropoids is capable of forming a mental image according to which the anthropoid is processing facility, and this image is nothing else but a generalized image of anthropoid relationships with property inherent to a certain number of facilities, property, using that anthropoid meets their needs. However, at the level of development of the brain of anthropoids ability to form generalized images only still in its infancy. Fully developed this ability to reach the level of development brain of one species of fossil man. In the phylogeny of the nervous system of fossil man, eventually emerging brain's ability to form concepts, an ability that reaches its full development at level of development of the human brain of the modern species.