Public And Private Land Use

The concession of right in rem. The Art. 7 of Decree 271/1967, institutes the concession of public and private land use. Main characteristics: The housing is not restricted; The legal type allows diverse uses in relation to the property; The concession is on public or particular lands; It can be remunerated or gratuitous; Established for certain or indeterminate time; As social interest, urbanization, industrialization, construction, culture of the land, sustainable exploitation of fertile valleys, preservation of the traditional communities, etc.

It can be the concession carried through for contract, public act or particular. However if determined for public being, it can be for simple administrative term. Incubencies: it is with the concessionaire, who will flow of the land, together with all civil, administrative incubencies and tributaries, that can fall again on the property and incomes. Difference of the fruition: * The perceived fruits will be for the user its family; * The fruition also is lifetime and exclusive, is not transmitted with the death, already the concession is transmitted. End of the concession: The concession can be extinguished case the responsible one gives diverse destination or disregards defeasance clause of the contract.

Difference of the surface right: The concession allows that it uses the ground, subsoil and airspace, does not limit only the surface. Concession of use: it can be for act Inter livings creature or succession legitimizes or testamentary. Hybrid institute: the concession presents characteristics of the surface right and use. 2 provisional remedy 2.220/2001? The special concession of use. The Statute of the City foresaw the concession of special use for housing end, such subject was treat in one capitulates, however it was vetoed by the President of the Republic, for the following reasons: Such institute could mean security it can of the inhabitants of slum quarters and irregular land divisions; Beyond regularizing the tenement houses in public property; Articles exist that wound the public interest, therefore the special concession, would mean the occupation of squares and streets, as well as ambient areas or others destined the public works; Some regulations of the law characterize processory title, institute that already exists and that it does not reach the public goods, in the special concession the public goods would be reached; The collective concession would be allowed, without being specifying who is the owner of the property there, having a certain confusion; It regulates despite in areas where it is common landslides, floods, that the Public Power is responsible in guaranteeing housing without displaying the life the risks; This species of concession will be gotten administrative way before competent agency, not being as it occurs in the surface or use right, that must be made by public writing; The Public Power will have 12 months, of the date of the protocol, to decide the order; If it will be admitted concession, either for saw administrative or for sentence, it will have to be registered in the Real estate record; It makes use the transference for act Inter mortis livings creature or cause, thus being able to be transferred even to person who already possesss urban or agricultural property, case however it will extinguish that it; It will be able to have the commercial concession, that compare it the processory title pro work, being been that if the Public Power to grant space, must guarantee the true proprietor another property, in case that it is predominant the public interest, under the particular one.

Social Assistant Groups

Still for Iamamoto and Carvalho (2009, p 114) the social assistant acts in the social field from particular aspects of the situation of life of the diligent classroom, relative the health, housing, education, familiar relations, urban infrastructure etc. Is from these concrete expressions of the social relations in daily of the life of the individuals and the groups that professional effective its intervention. According to Carvalho and Netto (2005, P. 51, 52) the Social Assistant acts in the daily one of the oppressed social groups, introducing, most of the time, exactly under the roupagem of a revolutionary action, the progress, the comfort, with proper ends in itself. They still affirm the authors who practical the social one has its social origin in the natural search of subsistence and existence in society accomplished for individuals and groups. These elaborate and carry through one practical social one been born of its possibilities of understanding and intervention in the reality with sights to the satisfaction fullest of its necessities and motivations, affirming that ' ' the practical present movement to the social one is expression of ' ' to come ser' ' constant of this practical and the citizens that in it interagem' ' (2005, p.58).

It is therefore that the practical duty to be of the social one is in dispute. It does not have only ' ' to have ser' '. For Carvalho and Netto (2005, pag.51 and 52), the Social Assistant is one of the privileged mediators in the relation between population dominated, oppressed or excluded and the State. The Social Service is a profession that has singular characteristics. It does not act on an only necessity human being, nor neither destines to all the men of a society, without distinction of income or classroom. Its especificidade is in the fact to act on all the necessities one human beings given social classroom, that is, that one formed by the pauperizados or excluded subordinate groups of the goods, services and wealth of this our society.

Normative Resolutions

It possesss a suspended closet of approximately three meters of length I contend six doors where they are the pouches. Also a balcony of a door is used to keep material of expedient and, where the documents are deposited that will be directed by pouch for the units. For the control of processes and received correspondences and documents to be protocolled, the protocol uses three linked computers to the Internet and a laser printer located on the balcony of a door. 4,1 DETAILING OF THE PROTOCOL SECTOR? The sector of protocol of the Prodepa develops its activities controlling the numeration of Crafts, Would carry, Normative Resolutions, Instructions, Letters, that will be signed by the directions, manages and for the presidency. It receives even though from the diverse sectors of the Public Administration and of the units, a model directed generally for internal email (Intranet), where a reading is made, alterations if necessary, after that are placed in the standard established for the company. A way is directed for approval of the secretary of financial the administrative direction, that makes the due corrections and after approved, prints the number of necessary copies so that the direction signs. The protocol sector also receives internal and external the documents that are of importance for the company, and they are given a generated sequential number for all the State with fear &#039 to it; ' number of protocolo' ' , and as form of base of numeration for a possible opening of process. For the Conarq (apud BREADS, 2005, p.27) process is: Generally used term in the public administration, to assign the set of documents, congregated in special layer, and that they organicly go being accumulated in the continuation of an administrative case or judiciary. The protocol number, that registers the first document in which the process is opened, repeated external in the layer, is therefore, the element of control and filling of the process.