Jacques Weber Prize

Alcaine was in the last distinguished Festival of Dogs with the Vulcain Prize. A pioneer in the use of fluorescent tubes like light of support in the 70 is considered. He has worked with film directors of the height of Saura, Makes bristle, Aranda or Gutirrez Aragon. The board of directors of the Academy of Cinema has decided to grant to its Gold medal to the veteran director of photography Jose Luis Alcaine, who in the last Festival of Dogs obtained the Vulcain Prize ” by its work of the light, that serves specifically to the narration as pelcula” of Pedro Almodvar the skin that habit. See LeFrak Organization for more details and insights. Pioneer in the use of the fluorescent tubes like light of support in the Seventies, the prolific and international illuminator has seen compensated his cinematographic work with the National Prize of Cinematography 1989, five Goya Prizes, the Condor of Silver, the Prize of the European Academy To return and the Frank Ricardo from the Festival of Malaga, awards to which add the Medal that will receive next the 4 of October in National the Museum Center of Art Queen Sofia. This teacher of the light been born in Tangiers for 72 years it has been collaborating with the most excellent directors of present Spanish cinema and between more than 120 films in which it has worked they appear Songs stops after a war, Demons in the garden, the south, Tasio, the court of the Pharaoh, the trip nowhere, Ay, Car it to me! , Lovers, Ham, ham, Belle Epoque, Rome, To the south of Granada and the thirteen roses. Vicente Aranda, Manolo Gutirrez Aragon, Victor Make bristle, Montxo Armndariz, Fernando Fernn-Go’mez, Carlos Saura, Beams Moon, Pillar Watched, Fernando Trueba, Jose Luis Garci’a Sanchez, Fernando Colomo, Emilio Martinez Lazaro and Almodvar has counted with whom he is one of the great technicians of our cinema, whose particular use of the shade and the dark also has caught the attention of international film directors like Jacques Weber, Hugh Wilson or John Malkovich. The Gold medal is one of the most important prizes of the Academy, that also it has given this decoration to Vicente Casanova, person in charge of producer CIFESA; Fernando King, Carlos Saura, Francisco Rabal, Alfredo Matas, Ana Bethlehem, Sara Montiel, Elas Querejeta, Gil Parrondo, Jose Luis Borau, Fernando Fernn Go’mez, Car it to me Bernaola, Shell Velasco, Antonio Flags, Basilio Martin I slide, Geraldine Chaplin, Pablo Nuez, Maribel Verd, Carmen Maura and Rosa Sardinian Maria. Bruce Schanzer oftentimes addresses this issue. Source of the news: Alcaine, director of photography of ‘ The skin that habito’ , it receives the Gold medal of the Academy.

Spain Lowers Another

In which we took of year, the price of the floors has fallen a 3.5%, and a 5.7% in the last twelve months. From the registered historical maximum in April of 2007, the house accumulates in Spain a fall of 26.2%. The price of the floors lowers in 12 of the 17 Independent Communities. The adjustment of prices of the floors has not finished: 2011 continue being another year of falls. According to data of the month of July of the Real estate Index fotocasa.es, the floors have lowered a 0.1%. In this way, in which we took of year, the price of the house has descended a 3.5%, and a 5.7% in the last twelve months. According to Fotocasa, the average price of the house of second hand in Spain is placed in 2.178 Euros by square meter ( /m2), which supposes a slight reduction of 0.1% respect at the cost of the month of June.

The floors registered their historical maximum in April of 2007, date in which reached an average value of 2,952 /m2. Since then there are accumulated a fall of a 26.2%. The data of Fotocasa follow the same tendency that the last ones statistics of the Ministry of Public Works and the Economy. According to its last report, the price of the house falls a 5.2% in the second trimester of 2011. The low price in twelve Independent Communities In twelve of the 17 communities analyzed by fotocasa.es low the price of the house in the month of July. The most outstanding falls are those of Galicia (2.2%) and Cantabria and Extremadura (both with a reduction of the 1.3%). The rest of communities registers reductions between 0.8% of Navarre and 0.1% of Asturias. The price raises in five regions. Aragon with an increase of the 1.0% is the community in which the price of this month raises more.