Section Property

Therefore, the law stipulate that in implementing asset management, trustee has a right to perform with respect to the property, any legal and factual actions. The main thing is that these actions consistent with the agreement on trust management, as well as made in the interests of a trusted administrator, namely the founder or control person referred to them (Section 2, Art. 1012 Civil Code). At the same right property transferred in trust assets remain with the founder's control (paragraph 2 of Section 1, Art. 1012 Civil Code). Situations where the interests of the owner may be the trustee, a lot.

In principle, asset management can be established for any purpose not inconsistent with law. The goal can be not only to extract income from the property, but an increase in property, or Suppose an elementary keeping it in good condition. On the other hand, the need for trust management of property may occur due to various causes of a variety of reasons establishment of trust asset management. Normal, ordinary members of civil turnover often do not have the knowledge necessary to manage their property, so they may resort to conclusion of the contract on trust management. Significant wealth is owned by the state, regional and municipal entities, but officials of the local state apparatus and government, of course, preoccupied with other, equally important daily activities, thus not objectively able to maximize these values. As a result, the aid also comes institute trust management. If necessary, ongoing management of real estate and valuable movable property of the ward guardianship authority concludes with the manager, determined that body, the agreement trust management according to property (Section 1, Art.