Hamburg Training

First awards in January 2011 in Munich awarded onOffice improved the training offer for REALTOR experts: in addition to the advanced selection of training places, the onOffice Software GmbH immediately selected training participants with the predicates onOffice Pro is and expert user. Professional brokers work is the focus of our training”, Andre Stormberg, trainer of onOffice Software GmbH. highlights from this reason we certify the participation immediately our participants upon successful completion of our training sessions with our onOffice Pro and expert user certificates. The proof of this quality certify the broker that he can offer its customers and prospects professional service in the field of real estate marketing with the onOffice smart software, which we regard as a standard in the industry.” The predicate onOffice per user will be awarded for basic training, where participants tips and tricks for the daily work started with the onOffice is smart to learn software. After the individual fine tuning he smart onOffice versions While the expert training, the participant receives the award onOffice expert user. Hereby he can present his additional qualification as a professional software users in print media and on the Internet. In addition extended onOffice training capabilities by periodically changing locations in the entire Federal territory. Thus, all onOffice users with the opportunity to expand your skills in using the software. The positive feedback and the rising numbers of participants at the seminars in Munich and Hamburg encourage planners, that the concept of the modern real estate agents is accepted and appreciated.