Reliable Partner

Advertising and production company 'INFINITY' – a company of like-minded, behind which many years of experience in the advertising industry. Today the range of possibilities is wide enough business – ranging from create a design from scratch to translate complex turnkey projects. It is also important that all manufacturing processes are carried out within a single production base. It's no secret that the services of designers widely prevalent in the market. However, the level of professionalism and quality of execution – a rather subjective parameters, if we are not talking about famous figures – the creators of projects that have already earn their fame unique style and recognizable imagery. Portfolio full of projects for the well-known brands, including corporate identity development network pubs 'Damn', restaurants 'Little Japan', a network of shops 'Fragrant World' and many others. Just from this stage begins the formation of the company's image and the creation of effective advertising, including outdoor advertising. John Savignano has much experience in this field. Own a powerful production base – one more trump card company.

The production company is equipped with everything you need – it's Prototype shop, welding and assembly shop and a neon plant, and shop for cutting, milling of sheet materials. Power companies can implement large-scale projects at a high level of quality. There is a truly unique technological features that are not found in ordinary manufacturing company. Simultaneously, the company is experimenting with non-standard projects and technologies. A striking example of this type of project can serve as advertising design for a network of liquor stores' fragrant world. " But now even non-standard technologies are now in large-scale and production-circulation rails. Rest on our laurels is not going to the company and is looking for all market participants. Improvement of high-tech industrial base, the introduction of relevant technologies to expand the range of services and increase production capacity – a key area of enterprise development. High quality and optimal terms PKK 'INFINITY' guarantees now.