To the other Spaniard lots inside of two or three blocks had been yielded, in each direction. It is Spanish area of residence constituted the center. To a bigger distance, in the direction of the exterior, and leaving space for the exploration of this center, areas had been reserved in which the indians could establish themselves. These areas constitute barros. The measure that the city grew the center was absorbing barros and the indians had been if moving for more beyond. The measure that these increased in number, the area that they occupied and if becoming the biggest one. More growth continued vagarosamente in harmony with established the social and cultural structure.

(HANSEN apud CORRA, 2005, pg. 27). The State nowadays, acts in the same way segregativa, previously cited, a great example of this fact is the Been capital of just created of the Tocantins, where the urban space was thinking rationally, since its foundation to take care of the Capitalism, and this can be observed in its tracing. Araguana was not planned since its foundation, of segregativa form if, according to purchasing power of its inhabitants; plus its growth and implantation of equipment they privilege the classrooms highest of the society, materializing of this form, this process. The State through the urban renewal, values definitive areas, mainly at the first moment the areas more central offices, this fact attributes to these places a new price, that is, active the real estate speculation, after the property suffers a variation in its prices, regarding this fact Saints speaks: … Undertaken Operations of renewal in the urban centers, whose resulted it is, also, to activate real estate speculation banishing parcel from the present population and imposing new logic to the city as a whole. This logical one is of the valuation? distinguishing depreciation of the diverse urban sectors. As, however, these projects CURE are generally associates to the program of the average cities, destined agglomerations to receive decentralized modern economic activities, the common result are the increase of the value of all the equipped lands and the reactivation, in superior level, of the space processes that already define problematic the urban one.