Arrudas Brook

Because they are become attached to the places where always they had lived. Because they prefer to be next to where they work. Because they are victims of the real estate speculation. Because they had invaded the land. Because they are proprietors and make what them she is of interest, despite opposing the legislation and its proper rights.

Because the public power does not fiscalize of adequate form; it is irresponsible and abetter; does not want to be worn out itself politically. For incapacity, attachment, preference, invasion, irresponsibility or right? Many are the reasons of the most different culprits. E, with the time, the hillsides are invaded and busy plains of flooding under our looks and the most different damages. Then, when we inhabit in an area of risk of boost glide flooding or, we accept the facts and we ahead assume our responsibility of the possible occurrences: marshy and inclined lands go down under the force of the gravity, as well as the plain of the rivers are flooded during the full ones. Technologies against flooding can be employees, but with efficiency never drawn out, have seen the reveses of the Arrudas Brook in Belo Horizonte, against which millions already had been used.

Of form that he is more sensible to respect the natural forces because the shock is inglrio. E, in Itaguara, in turn, of the mounts of the Rosary to the valley of the Conquest also if extends to as many concerns and disputes despite the municipal and federal laws are very clear, especially in relation to the areas that cannot be busy (declivity above of 47%) or whose occupation is submitted the geotcnico finding (areas between 30-47%), or that they are of permanent preservation (30 contiguous meters to each one of the edges of courses d? water with up to 10 meters of width), many, to the default, make to be valid the proper will under its account and risk; indifferent to the consequences, if they worry only about the proper interests. However, in some way, all we are connected and the actions of some happen, more early or later, more or less, on the others! In this direction, imagines if all the devastao and degradation that already we imposed to the planet, really, if to come back against us? Not for pessimism, but for realism: ‘ ‘ the man is the Land, and the Land is the Homem’ ‘ To take care of, then, to the ambient legislation must be faced as the best way of protecting in them of ambient disasters, not as a limiter form of the right of ownership, but for the life! New and urgent conscience and culture on the space are necessary, not only on the part of the public power, but, also, for the civil society! We need more conscience and forecast! To take care of more than the hillsides, moving away our housings from the same ones, as well as of the deep one of the incased valleys! To plant more trees, exactly because the few that existed in the streets of Itaguara had been decimated! We need to consume and to waste little! the edges, waters and animals of the old Conquest? They need protection and to be unobligated to load our sewers.