Exemplary Artist

Rosa Fornes, born on February 11, 1923 in Woman s Hospital (110th Street and Amsterdam Avenue), New York, United States, as Rosalia Palet Bonavia, natural daughter of Spanish parents residing in Cuba who temporarily reside in the American city. His mother, Guadalupe Bonavia Fornoza, housewife from Madrid descent and his father Santiago Palet of catalan origin; they had traveled to New York early in 1921 to promote business. They reside in that place until late in 1925, they return to Havana, leaving the father in New York, and later divorced. Lupe, the mother of Rosita marries Jose Fornes Dolz, Valencian who was entrepreneur of perfumery and cosmetics, as well as written had developed his work as a builder of real estate, becomes the father figure, giving lots of love and a daughter verdaera ageing. Rosita is the eldest of three brothers: the second Jose Henry, born in Madrid, and the third Leopoldo born in Havana, both sons of Fornes. In the family existed artistic antecedents through the breast and the brother of her grandmother, was dramatic actor; and a cousin of both was opera singer, his maternal grandfather was impresario. He accumulated a large nightclub, among which highlighted famous operas. His grandmother, before the artistic, and melodious sotes of the girl, sat to listen to those operatic arias and was narrating it fancifully arguments; increasing its musical heritage.

On the other hand, all their playground spun toward art. She acted, sang, declamaba; sometimes with friends and others in the mirror, but did so with such skill that all were admiring his talent. In 1933 the family moved to Spain; settling first in Madrid and then in Valencia, reason that increased his interest in the song and Rosita manages to learn several cuples and coplas.

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