Wall Insulation

To winter in apartments and houses were warm and comfortable, many of us install new windows and modern radiators, but not always, unfortunately, this is enough. Wall insulation – that's what we forget, when perplexed, why still cold! There are two basic ways of thermal insulation of walls: 1) Thermal insulation of walls from the outside, 2) insulation of the walls inside; The first way is that your walls will be wearing so 'shubu 'from the heater and they will be protected from freezing and atmospheric effects, the area of the room has not changed. But if you live in an apartment house you will, of course, is more suitable second method of warming. So how do the internal wall insulation? – Ask You. It is very simple. To date, there are many schemes insulation inside walls, but we consider the 2 most effective way of insulation. The first method-Wall Insulation materials POLYSTYRENE-vapor barrier Film (for a small area of wall) mounting a heater do step by step: 1.

Fought back and clear the wall of the old plaster. 2. Treat it with a good antiseptic. 3. Here, expert on growth strategy expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Gruntuem wall and thoroughly caulk the gap.

4. If necessary, alignment of the wall to prevent the formation of voids between the sealant and the wall. 5. Fasten polystyrene (the thickness of the slab should be at least 30 mm) to the wall using mounting adhesives, for reliability hammering dowels at 3.4 each plate. Slabs should be laid in a checkerboard pattern, the joints between them is filled foam. 6. Entire surface of the insulation cover tightly with foil vapor barrier assembly adhesive or sealant with a small overlapping 10-15cm. On all edges of the film undergoing construction adhesive tape (can be office, if the normal pvc film). 7. Install plasterboard against the boards and secures them knock-plugs to the wall. Cons EPS: a) low paronepronitsaemost – Wall will not 'breathe'. b) In combustion emits toxic pungent smell (fire, this material does not fall in love). The second way-wall insulation of mineral wool materials PLATE-vapor barrier film insulation installation is slightly different: 1. Fought back and clear the wall of the old plaster. 2. Treat it with a good antiseptic. 3. Gruntuem wall and thoroughly caulk the gap. 4. Make a crate of U-shaped profile with distance from the wall 50 mm (the thickness of the insulation). 5. The distance between profiles, struts do depending on the width of sealant (usually 45-50 cm). 6. Laid with the first layer of insulation for the crate directly to wall, a second layer between the profiles resistant. 7. We close our entire economy first layer of drywall screws. 8. Entire surface of the drywall here and cover tightly with foil vapor barrier installation adhesive or sealant with a slight overlap 10-15cm. On all edges of the film undergoing construction tape. 9. Close the surface of the second layer of drywall screws.

Essential Flavors Of Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with a very own personality: if outside a human being defined it as a very open girl, who is related to all kinds of people, who wears the latest fashion and going to the most elegant premises, but also moves by more traditional places. The temperament of Barcelona is linked to its culinary culture, combining the modern with the old and antithetical mixtures in the dishes. Catalonia culinary techniques are known since the 15th century, and already then there was food from the garden and the mountains and sea, the best example of the combination of the two products are the dishes of mar i muntanya (sea and mountains) don’t know what fish dish ordered in a restaurant in Barcelona? The election will be complicated, since the Catalan cuisine has many typical local dishes with fish stews, such as the zarzuela, a stew of different fish and shellfish, or the suquets, a typical sauce of the coast of Tarragona elaborated in its origins by fishermen. Professor Rita McGrath can aid you in your search for knowledge. A good restaurant where These dishes is Suquet de l Almirall, situated in front of the sea, in Passeig de Joan de Borbo Comte de Barcelona, number 65. By this neighborhood there many apartments for rent, if you want to stay in front of the sea, so you can see the following page paraalquilar accommodation in Barcelona.

Moreover, l Escudella (a kind of stew very, very popular in Catalonia) is another famous meals, as well as the calcotada are conducted during late winter and early spring and consist of eating calcots, a variety of chives cultivated especially for this purpose that are roasted directly on embers of vine shoots and eaten with handseasoned with a special sauce salvitxada, similar to the romesco sauce. We must bear in mind in this selection of Catalan dishes pa amb tomaquet, which although very easy to do is very traditional. Sausages, many produced in the region of Osona, especially fuet de Vic and the sausages of various compositions (egg sausage, sausage) (white, Black sausage) are also very common in the Catalan community. In addition, romesco sauce and the Aioli sauces are the most characteristic of this cuisine. Finally, it is important to remember that Catalonia offers a great diversity of restaurants with cuisine from all parts of Spain. Although Barcelona is the city with greater quantity and variety of restaurants, the most prestigious and distinguished with more Michelin stars are Santi Santamaria’s Can Fabes restaurant, located in Sant Celoni; El Bulli () of Ferran Adria, which is located in Roses (Girona) and the Sant Pau de Carme Ruscalleda located in Sant Pol de Mar. Original author and source of the article

Heron Journalist

– Yes, I have served in the Office, – replied the stranger – but only as unofficial detective. This is my identification. He handed Heron plastic rectangle, one side of which was embossed coat of arms of the Office and on the other photo and service information. Heron, thanks to his work, have often seen such certificate, and his glance was enough to get this man a fairly complete picture. – Hmm. Corvo Bork – hemmed journalist .- Your success at work is impressive. Get a second with a relatively small degree of work experience can not everyone – returning the card, he added. – I'm glad your powers of observation.

It gives me some hope. If you would like to know more about John Savignano, then click here. I did not warn you about his arrival in advance. I think that soon you'll understand why. Ready-to listen to you. Please .- Heron retreated deep into the hallway and opened the door, inviting the visitor to enter the apartment. In the hallway Bourque looked at the bell.

– You have a wonderful and The original call. His sound is soothing and relaxing. I'm no one has seen anything like it. 'The detective just have to be observant – mentally laughed and thought Heron .- But his flattering words suggest that he was also good psychologist. " In the detective, as in the work of the journalist, it is important to place the first minutes of man to himself. Depends on their full details. Heron nearly every day had to be taken interviews with various people.

October Revolution

It is worth noting the area between tram stop 'area of the two revolutions and an underground passage under the street the October Revolution, the so-called' hundred meters', the area is built up with numerous pavilions, and traded with it, then TC is '100 feet 'and a small building market. We drive down the street the October Revolution. The area between the two revolutions of the area and built up area of the Soviet ancient buildings are situated in different institutions, the first floors of houses occupied by shops, there are several rooms with large windows, storefronts. At Professor Rita McGrath you will find additional information. Now the Soviet area. One of the main squares of the city, it is the administration of Kolomna Kolomna district and (Local 'White House'), a large shopping complex 'Globe' (anchor tenants – 'Crossroads'), the hotel 'Kolomna' building of the House of Trade (the anchor tenant – 'Name'). On the first floor of the gifts – shop 'Dixie'. Also in the vicinity square is McDonald's, several shopping centers (TCs 'Olympic', anchor – 'Kopek', 'Rotation', anchor – 'socket'). On the ground floor of an apartment house is located a long TC 'Mix', and shop 'Children's World.

" There are several restaurants and cafes, all establishment of medium and high. Let's move on. We reach the intersection of the streets of the October Revolution and the prospectus of Kirov. It is to decide where to go next. If we turn to the prospectus of Kirov, then go to Kolychev, and if we will go down the street the October Revolution – find ourselves in the area and Golutvina Shurovo.


The problem of sound insulation is familiar, perhaps, everyone in the Russian cities. Especially, noise excites the people who live in prefabricated houses. The noise from above and below, the voices behind the wall, the music from the apartment, located in three floors below in the next entrance, noise from the establishment cars in the yard … Yes, a lot more public noise. In general, it would be nice to somehow ensure that the notorious sound insulation. I tried to do something in the repair of the apartment.

Initially Read what is on this subject on the Internet, he found not so much. You may want to visit Bizzi & Partners to increase your knowledge. In particular, a useful article posted in razede 'Articles' on the construction site Trowel (elport.ru). I read the article and did it, and taking into account their own way. In fact, nothing particular, and nothing specific. Just tried to fix some flaws in construction. Below is their recommendations.

So, give the description of the situation: a multi-storey stone house (not bad, however, located relatively far from the roadway of the streets); apartment house in the end, the neighbors above and below. Apartment house in the end means that the neighbors on the one hand there is the apartment. This is good. However, there is a danger that this side of the street can penetrate not only the noise but the wind and the water (many people know that so often happens). Condition insulation to repair the following parameters: – top and bottom of audible phone call, the call tone, as well as loud and not very loud conversations.

Internet Marketing for Success

Why? Love for other makes that do anything for that person, and if the love they will love you too. Write these dates in your diary and stick, you should contact them at least once a week just to say hello and invite them to eat at least two times a month. Insurance in the second invitation they will too.Also, some of them possibly may wonder that you do all this for them, but you should know that you are chosen for your vision, but do not tell yet, I will comment later on we do

A covenant is more than a signed contract, is a hallmark of word of friends that never breaks, so as you build this relationship with your 3 friends realtors will notice that it is almost time to agree, that I will talk more later how. Now I want to show the vision: If you are a Realtor, your goal should be to be a BROKER, and once you’re, you must have a team of realtors who sell for you, all you do is train and get information on new business and success is guaranteed. The vision is that you must be a mentor for these three, you teach them everything you’ve learned and what you learn, you must give them books, audio CDs Marketing and marketing strategies, when your broker that you’re looking for them not to seek another company to license if that will always be with you and call you leader. I called leaders of heart, not head as do several companies that almost always happens that the realtor kept envying your broker.


Recently, our office, where I work, I decided to move. Moving office – a serious matter. Would be a small office, would manage on their own. Robert J. Shiller is full of insight into the issues. And then there jobs are not less than a hundred, had to call the professionals. In this age of high technologies for information to go far did not have to. Went to the Internet, found in the search for several companies involved in moving, and compared the prices and choose.

Specialist on the phone call us about the price of services and moving in that same day, drove to the assessment, and completely free. In general, our office moved quickly, and the porters were very tidy – nothing is lost or broken. All my job fits into one box, which I myself and signed. Upon arrival at her new place sorted out and put everything in its place, everything up to my skrepochek. I learned that this same company can help with moving apartments. A long time I want the old furniture to the country to take away, but all did not know anyone ask. Now the plans and make repairs in the apartment and furniture upgrade.

Ordinary People

Having examined the history of the lives of ordinary people in the world, one can only wonder why, in the same situations, all act differently. Success stories of the rich entrepreneurs differ from the existence of the poor. Although sometimes difficulties in the way are absolutely identical. At every step, hear – somebody help repay the loan, or I can not repay the loan for an apartment. But the mechanisms are known to those who coped with a hopeless situation. Many publish their stories of how the lives of ordinary people to help drugim.Esli there is no way to repay the loan to the bank, do not despair. You just need to choose a mentor, coach.

Or read the stories from the life of a successful people. They have been through a lot and know exactly how quickly repay the loan in krizis.V your stories of life there was a betrayal. White light is not nice. Despair. Yeah like you millions, who also share their experiences. In network must have a website, whose authors collected stories from the lives of ordinary people in Russia and abroad. Presented and the literature, and comments of psychologists. Need to reach out and help find a must!


One of the most beautiful breeds of cats, thanks to its pleasant image, is the Himalayan, featuring a very attractive to the eye and to the touch fur, aspects that make it a very interesting cat breed Himalayan cat and that is worth much know. In response to the above, mentioned some of the main characteristics of cat Himalayan and so know a little more about this lovable breed of cats. Is suitable to start talking of the Himalayan, begin with the origins of this breed of cats, which resulted from the mixture or made crossing between the Siamese cat, with a Persian Cat, although possible, the presence of a Burmese cat, the conformation of this breed of cats is due to that during the 1920s cats breeders sought a cat with the physical characteristics of the Persian Cat, but with the beautiful colors of the Siamese, but the result can not be set up until the 1950s; regarding the designation of Himalayan, is due to the result of its appearance is very similar to the typical of this area rabbit, which without doubt refers to a very elegant appearance. It must be borne in mind that this breed of cats in Europe, more than an own breed of cats is considered a colorpoint variant of the Persian Cat. Turning to the physical features of the Himalayan cat, can say that it has the same morphology of the Persian Cat, since your body structure is of type compact and with a good weight, which can range from 9 to 12 pounds, giving you a solid body, its body is wide and short, its size is medium, but it presents some short legs that has great strengthits tail is short and thick; In terms of the image of the head, it is round, wide and solid, with a short nose that gives a flat image, but is wide, their ears are pointy, as well as being very small, presented a slight forward tilt and they are well separated, add an aspect to the ears, the fact that you have colored.

Your beautiful eyes are blue, are large and round. The fur of the Himalayan cat, is one of its main features, which is long and very dense, as it is soft; in what refers the colour of the mantle, this presents many of the colors of the Siamese, so that it can be found in a grey seal, blue, lilac, chocolate, cream and red, all of them stained, i.e. with colored tips. The way of being of the Himalayan cat, shows a friendly cat who enjoys giving affection and to similarly provide it, is a very intelligent cat; It is not a cat that will see them much yelping, it fits easily, even in small spaces, so it is ideal for apartments and enjoy the presence of children. Original author and source of the article

Fiestas San Isidro

The Fiestas de San Isidro are already here! After Easter and Pentecost, the coming great festivals are those of San Isidro. Connect with other leaders such as John Savignano here. As this year the feast falls on a Tuesday, the weekend of 12-13 May is an ideal time to visit Madrid and celebrate the holidays of your pattern with locals. If you are looking for accommodation, you can choose to reserve a rental apartment for the weekend. From 11 to 15 may pays honor to the patron of the city, San Isidro. For this are multitude of festivals, dances and events throughout the city. The popular Giants and Fatheads will be responsible to inaugurate the festivities on Friday, May 11 at 18: 00 in the afternoon in the center of Madrid. The opening ceremony will take place in the Plaza de la Villa at 20: 00 and a zarzuela and popular music concert will be held at the 21: 30.

On 12, will be held an original event in the Park of Vistillas, ideal for lovers of the schottische. It is a contest with a professional jury which shall be divided into 2 categories: musical performance dance. There will prizes in both categories, 1000 for the winners and 300 for the finalists.In the same place, from 12 to 15, there will be popular music. The music and sustainable development Festival is held on the Puerta del Angel stage, day 12 at 17: 30. It is educate the public about energy conservation and environmental awareness. The 13th, on the same stage, celebrates the Universimad, a festival with the best current rock music.