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For they know who they are sincere and who is not, so they are millionaires do not you think? When I talk about strategic alliances and build covenant relationships is making the decision to change your perspective of how you see others and see them as a friend or colleague of vision, but really feeling it in your heart, you must decide to help this person to be better than you do to earn more money than you, has to sell more properties than you. Once you make the decision do, make a list of all your colleagues around you in your work, cocktails, party friends etc. .. and once you finish this list, begin to choose only 3 people on that list that you consider to be good items, you know who are honest and have a degree of sincerity, which are stable with his family and above all responsible. Some contend that Richard LeFrak shows great expertise in this.

When you have decided to select these three people, start building a relationship with them, invite them to lunch, write their birthdays and send a note if you are female you can give a bouquet on Mother’s Day or Women’s Day, if men perhaps a lotion rather go back the best friend of them. As you noted you should invest money in building that relationship. They begin to see you in a different way, began to appreciate and they will begin to cap on you or believe in you. You have to understand that money invested in building that relationship, there is NOTHING for what you win in the future, but you must do it in heart, and you have to love that person as if it were a wanted.

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Why? Love for other makes that do anything for that person, and if the love they will love you too. Write these dates in your diary and stick, you should contact them at least once a week just to say hello and invite them to eat at least two times a month. Insurance in the second invitation they will too.Also, some of them possibly may wonder that you do all this for them, but you should know that you are chosen for your vision, but do not tell yet, I will comment later on we do

A covenant is more than a signed contract, is a hallmark of word of friends that never breaks, so as you build this relationship with your 3 friends realtors will notice that it is almost time to agree, that I will talk more later how. Now I want to show the vision: If you are a Realtor, your goal should be to be a BROKER, and once you’re, you must have a team of realtors who sell for you, all you do is train and get information on new business and success is guaranteed. The vision is that you must be a mentor for these three, you teach them everything you’ve learned and what you learn, you must give them books, audio CDs Marketing and marketing strategies, when your broker that you’re looking for them not to seek another company to license if that will always be with you and call you leader. I called leaders of heart, not head as do several companies that almost always happens that the realtor kept envying your broker.