What Holds Together This World Inside: Management!

What is my dog when I get home? The soft facts determine the hard facts in this world. What is my dog when I get home? Again and again I read the money rules the world. Money makes it the most important basis for the functioning of our world, society, and economy. Those who so argue has understood nothing. Money (hard) is a passive symbol with real low and high nominal value.

A credit alone is not enough as a problem solver. Always the soft facts (disease) – behind the money (symptom) are the biggest energy bottleneck. Plato called it the idea (soft facts) behind the things (Aristotle, hard facts). The soft facts (disease) determine the hard facts in this world. Ultimately someone argued: there but compare apples with pears.

You can’t do that! Sure, I replied: you can’t use it, I can do it (biology and oekonomie.de). I look too soft facts, not only hard facts. Because I know how to do it. One of the spontaneous responses as they are always back reflexively submitted was the former. Here are 2 Examples with correct answers: what came first? The chicken or the egg? Of course the chicken. Located in the egg, the mutation, i.e. the new evolutionary species etc. Why does the quadrature of the circle? Because the two diagonals are vary in length. Where two beings meet together on this earth is an electro chemical energy exchange in the brain: sympathy (empathy) or antipathy. The first impression is within approximately 3-7 seconds. The emotional decision (soft facts) about 3 seconds before the creation of the rational be (hard facts). Is known to be the on drive of every life: food, mating, apartment (hunting). There are the life force (vis vitalis). I deny the death drive claimed by S. Freud. Also people have him only in exceptional circumstances, when a person is with his sense of self worth in the end.