The Floors

Others aim that perhaps the problem is that they are expensive too great and luxurious houses and therefore for the zone. Neither one nor the other go absolutely desencaminados. Municipal sources assure that, at the present time, the building has all the papers in rule, although they need that a file of 1997 coming from Patrimony exists in which it inquires into which a wall section concretely appeared archaeological rest during the work which they were not respected. That did, according to those same sources, that were delayed the concession of the license of first occupation until June of 2001. Since then, for already nine years, the real Majorca estate has been counting on all the permissions and could perfectly be sold and be inhabited. Why it has not happened? Sources of the real estate promoter Camats, proprietor of the Majorca builds, clear iron to the mystery.

They point like many of the neighbors, that the floors are too expensive for the zone in which they are. To its eyes, that was the reason by which at the time a single floor was not sold, and affirm that already years ago the same were not on sale, although the poster where they still announced follows there, now, that yes, painted of target by discreet okupas, whose unique ostentation is two small flags: one with the symbol of the movement and another one with the Jo message tamb defenso l okupaci. We were studying to give a new direction them. The option is suggested to rent them or to divide them and to make them smaller to see if thus they found exit, but now, with the new renters, nothing don’t mention it, explains a commercial one of the constructor, who assures that the floors, in spite of not to be sold in two decades, had undergone a constant maintenance, something that confirms the neighbors. But the thesis of the property does not convince to the neighbourhood. We had called several times to ask and they said to us that they were all sold. Something does not square, concludes suspicious a neighbor.