Real Estate Fund Enclosed

DWS ACCESS residential 3, closed real estate fund of DWS Investments leads Deutsche Bank for offering of funds. The DWS in the Federal Republic is fund capital supervised with well EUR 132 billion leader. Also in Europe, managed the DWS 203 billion and thus occupies the 3rd place. Worldwide the DWS with 278 billion managed funds to the 10 most popular fund initiators. DWS ACCESS residential 3 has a minimum investment amount of 10 thousand euros.

The complete profit expectation for the DWS ACCESS living 3 is 158,06%. The quality of the investment criteria graded DWS ACCESS residential 3 as exceedingly profitable for the scope. The closed-end real estate funds DWS ACCESS residential 3 has a planned fund volume of 120 million euros, of which approximately 50 percent as debt ratio should contribute. The closed-end real estate funds DWS ACCESS residential 3 offers the prospect of an indirect participation of German Wohnimmobilien investors. Emitted is in existing apartment buildings or residential and commercial buildings in German main areas and regional centres.

The object selection according to specific Deposit characteristics in cooperation with the asset manager of the alt + kelber real estate group. Currently, the Fund indirectly already has access to 16 properties in nine cities. This residential real estate portfolio depending on the amount of funds should be complemented by other suitable real estate. 3 DWS ACCESS living the investment period is unlimited and can be terminated for the first time to December 31, 2031. For forecast purposes only, an expiration time has been defined by about 11.5 years until 2024. Rental prices have increased annually in the past two years to about 2.6% in the Federal Republic of Germany. In the ten years before the growth rate was 1.1% on average. This fact undoubtedly caused an imbalance between housing demand and housing offer, which reveals itself in the rental prices. A real estate portfolio from different individual properties is a useful asset investment for investors. Increasing rental and cheap interest rates encourage investment in real estate. Closed real estate fund DWS ACCESS residential 3 convinces by the following arguments: DWS ACCESS living 3 the holding period is unlimited and may be; terminated for the first time to the 31 December 2031 just for perspective purposes, an expiration time was adopted by about 11.5 years real estate belonging to the closed. The closed-end real estate funds DWS ACCESS residential 3 has an of thought issuing volume of EUR 120 million, with a debt ratio of around 60 million. The closed-end real estate funds DWS ACCESS residential 3 is subject to taxes from rental and leasing, and investment income. The closed-end real estate funds DWS ACCESS residential 3 has a placement period up to the 30.9.2013 and can be closed earlier. Layla Palani