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I’ve spoken with many Realtor in Miami on the way how to develop in this race of sales of properties and I have noticed that there are two types of Realtors. Those who sell properties that do not exceed 400 thousand dollars and those who sell only to millionaires. Whats the difference?. Source: Nobel Laureate in Economics. All Realtor has the ability to sell any property of any value if it wants and makes a plan to reach the exquisite customers, big buyers. Let me prove it in a few words while a Realtor this as crazy showing more than 7 properties per day of $300,000, the other this quiet in his Office, in cocktails, in ad hoc reporting is what is currently building or simply looking for the properties of those values in the MLS. Now tell me one thing dear colleague; You can earn the same thing if he sells 10 properties in 300 thousand than another that sells one in 3 million.

right?. Do but how long (time = money) take you to accomplish this? If the other with only a couple of weeks to close that sale? My advice is for you to decide focus on selling that type of properties and don’t lose so much time attending 300mil sales, because if he continues to do so, never gets to play with the big leagues. Learn how to identify the client that can pay more money and focus to do a follow-up and personalized advice, because that contact who found it on the Internet or through newspaper and has already qualified as a big buyer, do not let it go… Investigate everything in MLS and guide you to those properties. Attend more meetings, cocktails and conferences… use the best dress that take and send to do professional business card generate that confidence. Start to identify in these events to those buyers, analyze their shoes, his watch, his suit and detail confirming that it is a buyer of major league baseball. One last tip: once you make your first big sale, make a note in your agenda, have a very close relationship with that customer every month, because I am sure that in the next 6 months, this customer recommend a couple of millionaires friends don’t forget that all millionaire, it most likely that their they are friends.

Definable Absolute Structure

Therefore very well! We go to continue then, in accordance with what we finish to clarify, transliterating in a way more esplanade the beautiful socrtica sentence, saying: A thing I know I am that nothing I know, and if I say that I know is because I leave to know what I only know for knowing, being what I so only know the proposal of what I do not know, and when discovering that I do not know I arrive the clear understanding of what I already know. If it makes widely perceivable that in the set of the grammatical structure of the body of the letter we can all acquire a historical knowledge through the Sacred Holy Writs, with this knowledge establishing itself in you vary sources you specify of preceding the theological academic study confiding for bigger specific questionings of similar scientific research of that new teses can be presented. If keeping exactly there the problem of many Christians, therefore for not going beyond this theological academic body they do not obtain to understand because of many theological denominacionais ramifications if to collate without if knowing with who in fact can meet all to the Biblical truth. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nobel Laureate in Economics offers on the topic.. But if to look for unfastening in them of the particularitity of this teaching in extending to a dimension of the bigger depth spiritual on the part of the centered Definable Absolute The holy ghost to mago of the Divine Flash, granted by God, interlaced in our soul, in a full sincronia to the profile of an inherent personality to the standards of a coordinate structure of our ID, expressing itself in appropriate a gradual estruturadamente psychic subconscious balance of referencial expressive contemplation of this spirit, then we will not be so only feeding our reflective intellect more also in shining way ours soul. Being in this way, what it could mean the thought above? Therefore it is in this parameter of the question that structure all centralidade of our Definable Absolute The holy ghost. .

The Law

To send the former-leper to the priests, for the ritual of the Law, was only one form to say they: – ' ' They listen! Here I am I am making what vocs they cannot and they do not want to make, there inside! ' '. The Law did not tax no honor, to the Priest. But it standed out the religious caducity where they were dived! But it showed that what the Law was impossible, it was here for carrying through! But it showed that the true leprosy was the religiosidade of them, the cultural superstitions of them. that of now in ahead they, the religious ones of Israel were new the Geazis. What, by the way, today it does not have lacked in the religious ways, the ones that if enaltecem with the leprosy of its headings, and with that the ones that possess some heading, of which enaltecem happen its prestgios. ' ' It honors to who has honor! ' ' Jesus honored the leper! ' ' I want! If clean! ' ' We go to reflect a little regarding this. How many they are excluded today, in our days! The exclusion has one strong trend. The dominant ones, the detainers of headings, make of its headings? whip of God? , and they decide punishment, of that they erram of that they fall of that they fight against the nature fallen human being, but are not covered with? I want? , of the conjunct, of the intersection of the devotion, the understanding, the love, the longanimidade, the unrestricted expression of the love that takes in them until the cross for the other, in the place of the other.

He is much more easy, to exclude, to tarjar of rebel, pecador, what to support, to build, to exortar, to help, to support, to help, to support He is much more easy if to omit hiding itself in the legalist procedures, of what if to compromise to the life, much more easy to make speeches, of what to extend the hand and to act. It reads this message again and the mentioned texts. Our enemy greater is the ignorance of the intention of God, for we, Ef.3; 10. Abraos. Jose Carlos Flower.