GLASTEC Rosenheim

ISO-roll: Optimal thermal insulation by foil roller in the disk-space; especially in roofing and inclined barrel Aden glazing much heat in – out – a little bit of heat in the face of rising energy costs is improvement of thermal protection the expensive heating energy and won solar heat in the room to keep the Supreme objective of modern glass technology and not to lose out. This is ensured by the UG-value (coefficient of heat transmission). The smaller the heat loss through the window glass and the more fuel is this value, the less can save yourself in the cold season. The warming rays of the Sun at a low standing Sun can be used simultaneously effectively for a warming of the underlying spaces. That saves additional heating costs in the spring and in the autumn.

The better power consumption also making their presence felt at selling or renting positively in the energy performance certificate and significantly increase the value of the property. For its excellent sun protection values known ISO-roll for decades. At the same time ISO-roll but also a highly efficient thermal insulation system for roof and barrel Aden glazing, which are the main advantages especially for sloped glazing. The successful product of GLASTEC Rosenheim is available with a foil roller blind electrically operated in the disk space with 2 – or triple insulating glass. The roller blind is absolutely maintenance-free, and remains always clean. Optimal thermal insulation by using ISO-roll, roller in the disk-space kind is different.

We know that worsened the UG-value for physical reasons for inclined installation of insulating glass according to inclination towards a vertical installation (cf. Expert Tip by Michael Rossa, Dipl. physicist ift Rosenheim in glass + 09/2010 and GGF glazing facade metal 10/2010). This adverse effect is however substantially compensated with the multi-talented ISO-roll. The use of ISO-roll leads to a significant improvement of heat insulation and considerable energy savings.

Wooden Houses

The blockhouse the Delord family was our current construction site in Remagen in the Rhineland-Palatinate Remagen, close to the famous bridge on the Rhine at Remagen design, is the new log cabin the Delord family. In a beautiful location and glorious sunshine of the block House was in a montage of supervisors. The new block House the Delord family slowly but steadily taking shape. That was unimaginable for the couple and the 14-year old son in the morning before construction starts. When they came to the construction site, to be the first trucks and taking the parts of the wooden house in reception, it appeared unthinkable for all, once your future home would arise. But thanks to the many volunteers from the acquaintances and circle of friends, the wooden house quickly assumed contours. Only four days after they had succeeded then construction and was the basic framework.

An effort that has paid off for Claudia and Carsten Delord. 140 m, a long awaited dream is created for them. The 1.5-storey log house was built on a base plate. The cellar replaced a Storage room, located next to the carport. The overall architecture of the block House is based on an open space design. So, the living, dining and kitchen area was United on 44 m sq. The staircase leading to the upper floor, has been integrated here. The creation of spaces”, so the building owner, takes place later in a mix of modern furnishings and rustic elements.

In addition, a tiled stove provides a cozy atmosphere not only in the winter. But until it is so far, pending some work. Previously, the new owners with all volunteers once celebrated topping-out ceremony. Here, you could clearly feel the relief and joy over the successful. All were justifiably proud of what they had done.

Prefabricated Houses

To build the custom home is still on the wish list. The desire for independent living while also prefabricated houses and even bungalows are offered in different variants, but tailored to these building types. Who wants to put his own personal and individual desires, would be well advised to allow the architect to plan a massive House and build. Cooperation with the architect and the builders can be found in ingenious solutions, which are not only individually but also economically objective-aligned. The essential aspects of the massive House an individual plot, as well as an optimal planning of residential areas. Environmentally conscious modern build and sustainably designed this is an investment for the future. While sustainability is not just a matter of more energy-efficient viewing, but also a question of possible materials that meet the natural needs of a modern solid House.

This must be not even particularly expensive. Natural materials such as wood shavings or straw do just a Other, to keep the heat in the House. Styrofoam as a cheap plastic product is equally well suited to the insulation. As a general rule: houses from natural resources save at least as much, if not even more energy to the heat than the typical solid houses. Not infrequently, solid houses are grouped in the upper part of the costs. This doesn’t have to be but if you plan it optimally according to the own requirements and financial possibilities. Thus, quite above average equipment can reach even with a massive House that correspond very well to a high standard.

It also an optional pricing provides an extremely favourable basis for an economic statement of the construction project. Careful planning is the basis of will to plan his own House, it is also likely, that you must schedule a certain time factor. The planning is to allocate enough time to, so that on the one hand the own claims in all aspects can be taken into account, and on the other hand a precise plan as Basis can be used to reduce the actual construction time extremely. Because only with a perfect planning also the construction time can be optimized. So you can avoid costly rescheduling? Internal activities are here exactly to plan.