Vedado Hotels

Another of those establishments, Las Playas, stood at the end of the street D. And the baths of Carneado, called Hombre-Grito by the promotion that was a fur of his property, were in what today would be Boardwalk and promenade. Carneado it boasted of his wealth, his physical strength and his varonia. He tasted the first thing with the gigantic bright three which invariable part of his attire. To display its strength, became sculpt completely naked and with muscles in tension and placed the statue on the outskirts of his residence, also located in the vicinity of the coast, in both that with its more than twenty children, of all colors, showing with pride, I gave faith of his quality of don Juan. People bathed then in what were called toilet bowl of stalemate, which took advantage of the layout of the rocks or artificially dug in them. Them had small, with premises reserved for family, and other very large, which is bathed, separately, men and women. The owner of El Progreso made a windfall.

Fourteen apartments equipped with living-dining room, two bedrooms and services, which leased for 100 pesos a month, he built on the great ship that covered their toilet bowl and third between B and C built several wooden houses, small, intended also for rent during the summer season. Without the right to sea bath cost 50 cents these bathrooms disappeared with the construction of the final stretch of the Boardwalk from 1950 onwards. There are more stories about the evolution throughout times in this area that is, both to live and to work, the preferred today of the habaneros but leave them for another chance to encounter here, on the Blog of Umbrella.


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