The Kitchen

In our country, as well as around the world – the kitchen is an important part of the whole apartment. By tradition, the kitchen produce a working and dining areas. The working area must meet all requirements of the main cook in the family. In addition to household appliances, enclosures with china utensils shall be handy table for cooking. Everything should be compact and always at hand. To solve this, when our food did not meet all the requirements of the small space, you can go to a furniture shop, where specialists will make a kitchen set for individual drawings by removing all the necessary pre-measurements. Just so you can save more so necessary to all of centimeters.

Except that all appliances will be distributed and conveniently located for the hostess, with its growth and its demands. Many professionals focuses on drawing. It's just saving for kitchens with little the meter. Yes, and a large kitchen is also not out of place unit, it collects all the smells and does not allow them to disperse throughout the apartment. No one will argue that the design of the kitchen – it's furniture. Not at all what you choose – the big cabin, soft stools or chairs, the focus will always be a dining table. Robert Speyer describes an additional similar source. Psychologists say that the round table has beneficial effects on the atmosphere in the family. There are no corners, respectively, there is no separation between the sitting. All they see each other and are open each other.

Construction Tips

Where to start construction: 1. The choice of location (the illumination level of the ground.) 2. Digging. The walls are best done at a slight angle. Depth is desired by 60 cm 3. Align the bottom. 4. Drainage (drainage pipe in the ground).

5. Sand Pillow 5-10cm. 6. Laying of the film to the reservoir (the film is not stretched, the wrinkles will go under water pressure). 7. You can put a wall of stone. 8. Filling the pond water.

Trimming the ends of the film. Fish. In the pond with a depth of 3h3h0.6 pm all year round living Rotan, Carp. In the summer of freshwater fish, well get accustomed perch. But do not look overpopulate pond fish. Vegetation in the pond. Lily, lily better to plant in a pot filled with sand. Very good winter, carry a complete freezing of the reservoir to the bottom. Uhod.Vesna: In the period from flowering trees shed pollen, which is necessary to collect a gauze net. Summer. Water in the pond is recommended to periodically update the part. Autumn. Fallen leaves. In autumn it is desirable to cover the pond grid to reduce the hit to the bottom leaves. Winter. pond of prefabricated forms may suffer due to distention of the ice. Therefore, the drop on the surface of the unfrozen pond, plastic bottles, sealed tubes or paleno.