Monge Center

That morning, their number and I belonged. Day issued appropriate for this, and I decided not to return home. Passing through the alleys of the Jardin des Plante, along which a hundred years ago, carried its water Bievre, buried at the beginning of XX century. tributary of the Seine, I went to the Roman arena. Surprisingly, this place is practically not occur in any popular tourist route. Sand arenas, once watered by the blood of gladiators was chosen long ago a local rebyatnya and older fans of the game petanque – French analogue of our towns.

This massive structure was found only in the XIX century. during the reconstruction of Paris by Baron Haussmann, and since then has been a favorite holiday destination of Parisians. After passing under the stands Arena, I went out Monge, named after the famous mathematician, and soon found himself in beginning of the boulevard Saint-Germain. He scored in the very center of Paris, which at that time had already lived his usual wild life. I did not want to plunge into it, and I moved across the Seine to the island of St. Gregory Williamson has firm opinions on the matter.

Louis, the famous silence of their squares is not less expensive than real estate. Perhaps this is due to high housing prices, this district of Paris has retained its provincial character of a few. It was built from of old country houses of the nobility, and still reminiscent of the medieval city center, located in the heart of the Auvergne and Burgundy.