House Renovation

Determine the current state of the housing and the topology of the floor are crucial to rehabilitate your apartment. Most advisable is advise by a trained technician, architect, contractor or interior designer. Due to liability issues, it is advisable to have a technician before and after reform, so you can analyze age, the State of conservation, the structural system know that if the housing has more than 50 years, you can discover architectural elements of great beauty, mosaics, soils of modernist ceramics, wooden beams or ceilings and very interestingthat by his artistic interest can be adapted to the new project. Time, execution and cost other important points to keep in mind are the execution time and the cost of the works. Over time, you have to calculate one three months, so you can specify penalties for breach of deadlines in the contract of work. Keep in mind also that reforming a kitchen will be about twenty-five or thirty days, while a bath are about fifteen.

For the comprehensive reform of a floor estimated between 600 to 1200/m2, of course depending on the magnitude of the work and you chosen materials, this price can vary. Request budget once have defined the project, you have to request a quote, not to bring you surprises and always in writing, to avoid complications and coordinate the different guilds best grouping all works in a single company. Eye! Beware of little defined budgets, which does not clarify materials or qualities. It is necessary to request multiple quotes because there is usually considerable differences from one company to another. To make the work easier, there are websites that offer you several quotes from companies in your city just to submit a form. Phases of reform started once the work, reform has three phases: the demolition is the demolition and removal of partitions, tiles, platelets, bath and other elements to replace.

The installation of equipment and construction of new elected. As new partitions, installations electrical or water, lighting finishes, works of ceilings, woodwork, walls, floors, and finally, painting. Bathroom and kitchen when it comes to reforming the bathroom, keep in mind that changing the pavement, shouting and change of health placement is normal. To enlarge the space if the bathroom is small, place transparent screens and hides the toilet in less visible area. For the kitchen and taking into account the situation of the Windows, the shape of the plant and the accesses, prioritizes needs, defines very well the working area, storage, cleaning if you have space, you can build a peninsula or a bar/Office if you lack it. Depending on the materials you choose and the size of your kitchen, will have to calculate between 6000 and 12000. Soils soils are changed more for aesthetic than by need or wear, so it is best choosing pavement according to the use you make of the housing.