The solution is to create the counterweights and it is created with a quality education to all levels and with this we will make this monster to fall under its own weight. If we say that quality education is the solution to the major problems it is essential talk about this in abundance and put our full attention on this so soon we generate the agreement and we can have it. What we don’t have in our daily life is difficult to imagine in all dimensions and quality is what lacking, this is why we must talk about this in abundance to get him to understand and integrate into our life. Putting quality education means put joy in what we do, is to put meaning, integrate what we study with what we will do in our future to create the wealth of this country is to connect students with institutions to enlarge the country and its people. You must break with plans and rigid programs, the student will be guided to formulate their life project that is linked to a project of nation that it will be creating. The introduction of new materials that are consistent with the new times is suitable, the creation of new knowledge is now essential because what we learned five years ago is obsolete. Mexico is a country privileged to count on plenty of natural resources, we only need to train new professionals that detect all these resources that serve to generate well-being among all and for all.

It does not seem to be the concern of our rulers, but that is not reason enough for us citizens let us remain with arms crossed waiting to Governments to act. We can start with boost to parents so that they become successful children, you have to do a great job for them. Teachers together with parents have an historic opportunity to make students the great men and women who changed the history of this country.

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