Exchange Credit

What is the credito y caucion? Credit and suretyship are two legal figures who generally accompanied by the first of the second. This is because employers or any person to guarantee the payment of an obligation born by a credit, prefer that the debtor provides a surety or guarantee in favour of the same. The credit for its part is a personal right which has a creditor against a debtor, which arises on the basis of an Exchange or barter of a present economical source for a future and it usually deals with a good furniture (money), instead the suretyship is usually a right in rem which has about one thing either movable or immovable that it acts in the form of guarantee for the fulfilment of the obligation in the market there are many companies that seek to ensure the proper use of credit and suretyship therefore implement mechanisms systematized from an own company method to make its management more effective and ensure to the greatest extent the fulfilment of obligations; so they carried out a management as well: First to grant a credit is made a pre-trial stage where he studied to the client and tracked him to his economic status, solvency, debt, among other things; implements result figure for the compensation of damages caused by the breach of the payment and as final part performs an activity of constant recovery after the failure to pay at the time agreed to term, this through different mechanisms such as the participation of lawyers and supporters. With this whole process seeks to ensure greater effectiveness and safety in payment of credits. With respect to the figure of the suretyship, this represents one of the methods most effective and most used to achieve compliance with the obligation since it acts directly against the assets of the debtor subject and generates a greater guarantee since it acts front movable garment on a vehicle – and similarly against the real estate mortgage on the residence – therefore the implementation of the various mechanisms with regard to figures credit and suretyship allowed the making of payments with regard to the right that comes to the creditor if carrying out fully and there is the possibility of that who gave economic support to another subject through a credit that represents the confidence of payment to a specific point in time and the liquidity of the other, not dependent on their will in many cases ill-will – but that is set in advance that a object to act as a guarantee to the fulfilment of the payment of a debt so we can conclude that the credit and suretyship are the perfect combination in to the present to be able to generate economic resources, providing a quick exit and practice a problem to another person and that there is no chance that lost original author and source of the article be generated