Eastern Europe

etc. and the budget gives even for that hire famous architects of international stature to design them and the best thing: everything is sold, the price of rent is exorbitantyou do accounts and what you pay in rent month to month could pay for your own home, but there is a pequeno-gran problem you’re immigrant banks virtually restrict these features credits and do rightly; but as years pass many foreign workers have been unable to settle in construction companies with relatively good salaries and savings begin to see gradually; the banks are trying to trust. For my part I will leave me tempted by the impressive real estate development and will come in full to see the operation of an Italian company of real estate brokerage that for the year 2002 has in Spain 750 offices being the largest company in Europe and the third in franchises of multinational then devoted to hamburger theme for this I will have to start from scratch to learn his philosophy and technique of working so fruitful; so I will be part of one of these 750 franchises and although work apparently seems easy initially discover quickly how heavy and stressful that may become work up to 10 hours a day or more, from Monday to Friday at first, then include Saturdays of course, the advantage: there is much work, because everyone wants to change House and if they have the backing of a multinational with big national coverage and path the result can be very interesting.

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