Central Bank Housing

If the person does not pay for utilities is the tenant of residential premises, the landlord may require a court order of eviction and the tenant are living with him members of his family in case of failure to pay payments for housing and utilities for more than 6 months. But they provide more living space, whose size corresponds to the area facilities that exist in the dorms. Ie employer may be evicted in the living room, which will be much smaller in area than that which he held until the eviction. The most common is the responsibility of collecting the debt in court with a residential tenant premises. In that case, if someone in the family refuses to bear the costs of utilities, living space has a right in court to collect from a member of the family of the costs of paying housing and utility services. If a person – the owner of the dwelling, then evict him on this basis is impossible.

But if he is late or does not fully pay their bills, he will be obliged to pay penalties. Its size is a three hundred bets Central Bank of the Russian force at the time of payment of the unpaid loan amount for each day of delay starting from the day after the payment deadline to the date of actual payment inclusive. Increasing the size of the penalties are not allowed. In the event that the owners of apartments are a few people, the responsibility to a supplier of housing communal services will bear all owners in sootsvtetsvtii with their shares in the apartment. It should be noted that the housing organization may recover eksplutotsionnaya debt in the last three years. If you have debt up to 50 000 rubles. requirements collection is considered the world's judge of the residence of the debtor, if the amount exceeds 50 000 p., these requirements are dealt with in federal court. In the case of recovery of arrears, the court also vyzskivaet with the defendant (The debtor) the state fee.