The first colonizadores northeast of Brazil, count that the indians of the interior came at the time to the coast of the fruition of the cajueiros and there they stopped war to harvest the fruits, which were called War the Acayu. As the cashew it was an important food for the indians, Maurcio de Nassau, signed a law that fixed in 100 florins, the fine for each cajueiro that was knocked down. The cashew arrived at India, led for the Portuguese and soon it adaptou itself to the climate of the region, later was for Asia, Africa spreading itself for the whole world. Nowadays, it is important, being exported to the United States and some European countries, becoming an important item in the world-wide commerce. The cashew has many nutrients that they need to be mentioned: You leave Minerals, as Calcium, Match, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc beyond staple fibres and insaturada fat that help to lower the cholesterol in the blood.

He is rich also in carboidratos, proteins and lipdios. How much its vitamins, it are riqussimo in vitamin C, well more than orange, still has complex B and vitamin. The fruit of the cashew, more known as chestnut of cashew, has a bending form, being that the almond, contained inside of it, is dries and later torrada – form by which more is known. Prisoner it has a soft, bigger fruit, of colored or orange color, the size more or less of a pear, that is also eatable. It is rich in Vitamins, B, C, being also an excellent antirust substance. Aid in the injuries, in the grippes, also fortifies the muscles for the minerals that it possesss. We only must take care because its value caloric is very high. Its rind also is used to make astringent and tonic.

Until its trunk it has its useful properties, it produces a resin yellow that can also substitute the Arabian, used gum in the pharmaceutical industry and in the manufacture of the paper. Its seiva produces ink and its root the value of its flowers still has purgativas properties being very important, that has tonic properties. Max Burn: Super Antirust substance As well as the cashew chestnut, it has available products in the market that are vitamin sources, nutrients, and antirust substances. Max Burn is one of these products – developed suplemental a deficient feeding especially and to guarantee a balanced and healthful life more.