Builders and Realtors

As you know, the psychology of any human being arranged so that the Hundreds of builders and realtors will he choose those which are more often heard or read? strangers? even with the fantastic promises of discounts and installment payments have little interest in it. Impeccable reputation and high prestige earned over the years, and all this time, the company must consider the interests and needs of their customers and take responsibility in front of them. Over time, services, companies can vary, but the reputation remains intact. Step 2. What waiting for a buyer of advertising? Prior to that, we looked at advertising from the perspective of an advertiser, we'll see what is expected of her customers. Because the ads focused on the needs of the audience, a lot depends on the social level of potential buyers promoted properties. Residential customers in economy class are primarily interested in cost per square meter and the location of the house.

For them, developing advertising, containing the image of the house (a computer model or a real pictures) and brief information about him. For potential buyers of luxury housing more important emotional characteristics such as severity, restraint and style. By purchasing a penthouse, a man realizes his dream, finds a new way of life, rises to step up the ladder of social status. Accordingly, the advertising for this audience should reflect the philosophy of luxury living, create an attractive image, the legend, and the advertising message should not be too much? loud?, shocking.