Wood Housing Materials

Tree in Russia is almost always remained the most used wall materials for personal dacha construction: high heat insulation, the classic appearance of a relatively small cost and highest the degree of environmental friendliness – a long time to make the wood is really the best option. But significant negative qualities of the houses made of wood lot, which together with the incessant increase in the cost and decrease the quality of construction of wooden houses is the basis for the search of better building materials. But, the best substitute for wood, perhaps surprisingly, is the tree itself. Arbol – a modern lightweight concrete on porous aggregates, consisting in 70-85% of wood chips normalized size and mineral binders (cement). It was he who, in principle, a tree, all collected all the outstanding properties of this timber, but not has its negative qualities. In modern building wooden country houses the most famous have laminated board, a simple timber and logs. But the companies made these kinds of materials is rarely designed to build thicker walls thirty centimeters, previously logs of less than fifty centimeters were simply inapplicable in the construction of residential buildings due to significant heat loss.

In Our age is an acceptable tree diameter is virtually unavailable. A desire to retain the value of homes within reasonable limits, rarely allows for even relatively cool, but still produced a log in 30-35 inches. Therefore, the most frequently used is absolutely unacceptable for good homes – with a diameter of 20-25cm.