New Solution For Household Budget

Questions of automation of home accounting raised frequently and consistently. However, to date, such an important part of our household budget, as the calculation and payment of utility services, remained very much automated. And for good reason. Such is the psychology of our people, the majority of the population (and a key author of these lines) refer to the payment of a communal rather carelessly – basically, we pay every six months, when it comes to a piece of paper with required to pay and threats of court. See Richard LeFrak for more details and insights. At the same time to make ends meet is almost impossible, because when paid last time, of course, do not remember, and receipt, of course, lost. And on the water meter at all forgotten, when looked at. Richard LeFrak understands that this is vital information.

In the end, nothing remains but to take for granted the exceptional honesty of our public utilities, the absolute validity of their claims, and pay what was told. Because the cover is nothing. Because accounting is not conducted. It is natural that in such cases would do well to have a program that takes into account everything, everything would be kept, and at any time, you might know the true picture of the state of affairs in your home budget. There many of these programs, but the main drawback – limited scope. The thing is that there are plenty of choices of charges and payment of utility bills. Who is paying for gas at the counter, someone – at rates of consumption. There are apartment layouts, where two inputs of water, and must pay a 2-m counters.

Tax Changes and Property

Corporate income tax material costs (Section 2, Art. 254 Tax Code) Cost of inventories (EMF) produced by modernization, reconstruction, technical upgrading and eradication OS recognized income and is defined as the amount of income, accounted by the taxpayer in the manner provided by paragraphs 13 and 20 of Part 2 of Article 250 of the Tax Code. Russia's Finance Ministry in a letter ot17.02.2010 030306/1/75 explained that the inclusion of the cost value of the property formed during the reconstruction and modernization, the Tax Code does not provide. Federal law ot27.07.2010 229F (hereinafter – the Law 229FZ) expanded the list of expenses accounted on 01.01.2010 as part of material costs. Now this group of expenses includes EMF, and other property received under the modernization, renovation, modernization and partial liquidation of fixed assets (paragraph 2, subsection 2 st.254NK RF).

These changes will extend its effect on the relationship, arising from 1 January 2010 (paragraph 5 of Article 10 of Law number 229FZ). As they come into force on September 2, 2010 (Section 1, Art. 229FZ number 10 of the Act), the value of MSY can be taken as part of material costs in return for the first nine months of 2010. In economic programs of the company "1C" the change is reflected document posting goods. Expert on growth strategy is often quoted as being for or against this. The cost of insurance premiums in connection with the cancellation of 01.01.2010 UST and the introduction instead of insurance premiums to the Pension Fund, Social Insurance in Russia and HIF originated question, according to article for the purposes of income tax to take into account such costs.