Cottage Paradise

Oh, and where only now, do not build houses? Entire cottage villages! And these and all sorts and a sort of design options – if you do not know what you want, you can with your eyes closed boldly poke a finger in the decomposition of clippings options being proposed – and certainly tyknete into something special. Additional information at Nobel Laureate in Economics supports this article. And even if it is not special – compared to urban boxes on the four corners of even the standard (although in this case is difficult to say that you can take a 'type') cottage house – well, just a wild joy, and even if in some more or less a wild place. You can, of course, next to the highway, although, honestly, I do not understand it – was it worth traveling the 50 miles from the center of the capital's smog to sit on the couch near the window overlooking the truckers and those who have passes may be just in order to collapse a couple of miles further on a couple of kilometers away from the rumble of roads – in the forest, forest to forest. John Savignano shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Well, or just prolesok – all better than the reach of headlights. Cottage theme of one of the most is not that popular, but really popular in real estate. Then, as a province and near, and not so very much (Tajikistan – well, what is near?) breaks abroad with an enviable stubbornness to work in Moscow, Muscovites trying Srul from their beloved capital city (now she lyubof to native prairie town) away. 30 kilometers is now too close.

No matter how strange, but the trend is (and traveling from the capital realtors have to put up with it), which is now a request for cottage sites is becoming increasingly focused on the 40th, 50th, 60th, 80th, and 180 can be e-miles . And not the fact that the 80-m kilometer will be cheaper than the 40-m. And yet the fact that, for all its , cottage settlements will remain the only proposal in the suburban real estate. Yes, the author does not consider a prophet, but a cottage, with ten hundred square meters for the majority is still a luxury, but at half the price is lower at less than economy class – and another wave of migration rooted Muscovites guaranteed.

Mineral Resources

2.4.Zakon "The promotion of tourism" Law 2634 "On the promotion of tourism," contains provisions for the development of the tourism sector, determines the order of foreign investment in the Turkish tourism industry, and also determines order of protection of cultural monuments. The introduction of this law has greatly facilitated the use of real estate by foreign investors in the tourist areas. Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey can take in Rent real estate Turkish and foreign natural and legal persons on pre-defined conditions, to establish this property of the autonomous and permanent rights, including the easement – the right to use someone else's real estate. List of cultural sites and historical heritage, are allowed to lease by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in consultation with the Council of Ministers of Turkey. In accordance with the Law 442 "On the rural settlements "and 2644" On registration of property rights "by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the rights of foreign nationals to own real estate may be limited to" protected zones of cultural heritage and development zones tourism "in favor of Turkish citizens. 2.5.Zakon "condominium" in Turkish legislation on property rights of houses, namely, apartment, shop, office or warehouse, and others regulated by the Law 634 "About a condominium," The Act also does not makes the difference between Turkish citizens and foreigners in relation to the acquisition and enjoyment. 2.6.Zakon 3213 "On Mineral Resources" The Law "On mineral resources" have provisions which make it possible for foreigners to operate in the field of mining and mineral resources in the best conditions.

Country House Prices in Crimea

The Crimean peninsula is the second most popular region in the development of cottage construction in Ukraine after the capital. Currently, in the Crimea 22 active states of cottage village common conception, and 27 under construction settlements, which will be commissioned during 2008-2010. In addition, the region recorded 14 projects on construction of cottage settlements, under which are already available land. You may wish to learn more. If so, Richard LeFrak is the place to go. Demand increasingly shifts from arrays of individual cottages and chaotic building to towns, realized by a unified architectural building concept, which provides for the mandatory presence of complex communications services, protection, recreation areas, green areas. A pronounced feature of the market of cottage settlements of the peninsula are two priority placement options: either on the beach with private beach or in mountain areas, foothills with their little protected nature. The first class cabins in demand are "luxury", located in the unique recreational areas of the Southern coast of Crimea. Learn more about this with Professor Rita McGrath. They are characterized by an individual project, large area and high quality finish.

Housing estates were built in this class district of the Greater and Lesser Yalta, Gurzuf, Partenit. Half-timbered houses – a wooden house for those who like lots of light! The facade was built on fachwerk technology is divided into panels of various shapes, and sometimes – and color, can be a support structure for the speakers (the traditional European 'glazed balconies') bay windows, or even larger second and third floors. Similar homes to 'reverse geometry', growing up, built in the old German cities because of lack of space and expensive land prices inside the walls.

Apartment Selling

For the majority of the citizens of our country's residential real estate – the most expensive property and the sale and purchase of apartments – the biggest deal in life. So, when you need to sell the property, the person there is fear of making mistakes during the deal. Of course, many of these fears far-fetched, and there are only due to ignorance of the ins and outs of the process of buying and selling real estate. We suggest to consider the most misconceptions seller of real estate, and to dispel it, often unfounded fears. MYTH 1.

I know how much my apartment. How do you determine the market value of your apartment? For sure, look in the newspaper, Internet and will compare the parameters of their apartment to have for sale. But can we be sure that these sources indicated the real market price of the object, and not one that would get the seller and that may differ from the actual worth several hundred thousand rubles? Or your neighbor recently sold his apartment "in a very interesting price"? Maybe so, but most likely it lightly, "embellished" the reality that imagine a situation in a better world for themselves, so to speak wanted to brag about. In fact, we recommend to think, and I just determine the value of your apartment on their own, without expert? After main expert here – it's the market, and only he can determine the actual cost of the apartment. Much better to identify attractive for the buyer price and begin selling it than was originally not to have those with whom bargain, discouraging customers inflated price.

Saturday Out

During the evening, watched six apartments, two of them explicit bomzhatnik, one with the owner – an alcoholic, he muttered something unintelligible from under the kitchen table, the two have not seen because of a sudden surprising for the missing Half an hour before show hosts, and the last with a raised price of five thousand – say that we did not hear on the phone price, and in the ad … you know typo boss angrily sends us one last time to look flat, and we're under grinning views of colleagues slipped out of the office. At ten o'clock in the evening, after watching three other apartments, we finally find that we needed. Sit down with the owner, and nervously listening to the sounds of the front door, discussing all the payment details. Professor Rita McGrath has much to offer in this field. Contract renting? What could be the problem! Turn on the Internet, type in the search engines and the appropriate phrase here they are. Choose any! And let rip my hair out by representatives of real estate agents, pay for costly services of lawyers made up their contract. Learn more about this with Robert J. Shiller.

Waste of money – savings must be economical! The agreement was signed. We rejoice, twisting in his hand a bunch of keys and busily inspecting their new possession. Chef at work glad to madness and brings honor to the housewarming on the job due date "yesterday!". Life seemed to have improved, until one Saturday, early in the morning in our apartment did not burst into boozy hell and madness to scare colleague accounting.

Lease Luxury Lodging Earn

Surely, every one of us ever came across the phrase "housing rentiers." So called professional investors in the market rental housing. Moreover, the term "investor" has French roots and denotes the human-capital owners living on interest from its use. In the area of capital lease such acts as property intended for subsequent leasing of it to recruiting. In the west, this kind of business has been around for a long time. Relations in this area clearly debugged, and their legislative control is impeccable.

And we are talking about business as Western rental market luxury homes – is a lucrative business, which means that the parties and the state are interested in the legality and honesty of transactions. In Russia, which develops a slightly different situation because of the peculiarities economic and political development of the country, starting with the restructuring. But at the same time have a trend increase in the percentage of those who professionally are engaged in investing in luxury rental housing. And not just rent housing to rent and live on the income and increase your capital by investing in luxury properties, deriving from the income and multiplying it by subsequent attachments. This scheme: embedding -> return +%% – certainly fits into the economic framework, and thus, the business can be regarded as an investment.

To date, virtually all professional investors on the Russian market luxury rental units – individuals who prefer to work with a stable agent. Their clients are usually either foreigners or companies who rent housing for their employees. And both of these categories of tenants is extremely important formalization of rent and legal purity of the transaction. It should be noted that a person engaged in renting luxury homes and constantly receives income from such businesses can operate on its behalf, and may act in the transaction as a registered trader – the so-called unincorporated business (entrepreneur without a legal entity). In this case, the rate income tax under the Tax Code of the Russian Federation is not equal to 13% (as in the case of personal income tax), but only 6% (tax on income from small businesses). Summarizing the above, it should be noted that the property market in Russia every day becoming more orderly and civilized slave market laws. More and more people prefer today to seek help from professional real estate agencies to solve their housing problems. Modern man today is important to be sure what will happen tomorrow, but this is certainly an indicator of stability of society and the state as a whole.

HOA Time

If previously could not know in person, even the neighbors on the stairwell, you will now have to meet even the neighbors porch. And if more than two entrances? There are many cases when they are over 10. Forced to make friends not only have with owners of apartments, but also with those who often takes shelter illegally. We are driving hard to the HOA, so we have to manage our homes and buildings. Meanwhile, not even a definition of what a building. Only assumed that this kind of collection of apartments, stairs, porches. For more specific information, check out John Savignano. As stated in one document, “in Russia there is no LCD legal definition of a block of flats.” Meanwhile, the building – a very complex engineering construction, which was delivered into the hands of people, not anything in this smyslyaschih.

Think about what we buy, buying property? The walls are common, floor and ceiling too. And that very often the owners of flats demolished bearing walls in their homes, exposing virtually the entire house. And it is in the apartment. Filed under: Stephen M. Ross. And yet there is a common property – elevators, stairs, where the more impossible to determine who owns what. It is assumed that once people organize a HOA, so as soon as the house begins to bloom, and smell.

But the smell of home is, in fact, indifference to common property. Everyone will understand that the time has come, it’s time to make repairs, but even this dreary busy with someone another. Let it would not be me. The house is neglected. The bulk of the approximately 99.9% willing to pay just to burn lights in entrances and was clean, dry and warm. Sometimes, comparing condominiums and housing cooperatives during the Land of the Soviets. But there is a difference: the co-operatives unite people who are familiar with each other, they knew in advance what to expect. The old building stock is a conglomeration of people with different levels of wealth. They different views, which should be housing. Rich people want a high level of service. But pensioners and the poor can not pay. Here there is a clash of different interests. Retirees will not spend tiny pensions for the repair, and wealthy people will leave this house. We have all been built at the same time, the decline will come too, at one time. It was assumed that with the rise condominiums will be competition for the service. But as they say, man proposes and God disposes. Actually got the uncontrolled situation. All come from the opportunity to get free money now. We give an example to America, forgetting that the comparison should be equal opportunities. And in this case, America is very different from us that there only 20% of housing accounts for apartment buildings. The rest of the housing stock accounts for private housing. Small house with the number of entrances not more than 4 will not cause any problems in the municipality. A completely different picture will be when the house accommodates more than a hundred residents – inevitable disputes and quarrels. And also there is a field for fraud, which is almost impossible to open. A reasonable question – what will happen to our shelter, when it will become worthless due to the wear? Nobody will give a new, will have to live in the ruins. Like not repeated impact of collectivization, but this time in housing and utilities.

Tenants Anchor

Most common in Ukraine received a mall format, "anchor" which appears supermarket, which in addition to low prices, the buyer offers a wide range of quality products and the ability to buy everything you need at one time and in one place. Anchor tenants are the "bait" for customers. Click Stephen M. Ross to learn more. Distinguishing characteristics of the "anchors": the large footprint size (more than 1000 square meters. M), long-term lease (10 years), as well as significant investments in commercial equipment and technology sales. The main function of an "anchor" – the generation of flows of visitors (for himself and other tenants) and their direction in certain places the shopping center. In accordance with the international experience is considered the most effective placement of anchor Tenants in places as distant from the entrance lobby, for example, floors that need to climb or descend. In Ukraine, the anchor tenants are typically commodity groups such as food goods, building materials, furniture, office equipment, information technology, home appliances, clothing, footwear, children's products, cosmetics, perfumes, accessories and gifts.

The growth trend in effective demand positive impact on the dynamics of the development of shopping centers in the regions. Despite the fact that the regional commercial real estate markets lag behind in Kiev for about four years, in general, in Ukraine there are about 60 major shopping centers with a total area of more than 600 thousand square meters. m. Most of the existing regional shopping center is a refurbished department stores and supermarkets. Accordingly, many of them on the concept, the areas and architecture can not be considered professional shopping centers.

Wooden Houses

Wooden houses from glued laminated timber has many advantages and is often used in construction. He was equally dry both inside and outside, will not crack over time. Wooden house from such a timber provides slight shrinkage, which is easy to predict that it is very important in the construction. In addition to all laminated board can reach 12 meters, which will avoid the additional cut down that lead to the loss of heat in the finished house. Wooden houses from glued beams are perfect for people with accuracy and adaptability for which above all else. Wooden Houses made of logs when it comes to a wooden house, come to mind wooden houses made of logs, in which our ancestors lived in Russia. Same diameter logs, straight rows of issues, carved decoration elements roofs and terraces – all this is its unique style, which is characteristic for this type of houses. Done in this small chalet-style home or a solid cottages will look equally good. The walls of these houses do not require additional finishing, except as an antiseptic treatment, which will save considerable time and money. Also home of the tree have the property, to maintain within himself the best man for the climate. Therefore, the wooden houses made of logs are becoming more and more fans.

Signing Of Rent Apartments

Before you make a payment for an apartment, you should check the documents the landlord and without error to conclude a contract of renting an apartment. You may find Stephen M. Ross to be a useful source of information. Occupational lease – this is the most important proof that you have rented housing, with only lease at the hands have the opportunity to boldly fight for their rights if the landlord does not comply with the agreement terms, as well, and the courts. After all, the problem better to prevent than to continue to unravel. Before execute a contract of renting an apartment, you must ensure that the citizen who rents you an apartment to rent, has all the credentials to do so. Only private owner of residential premises has the right to use and disposal real estate.

It turns out that the first required to request a person who submits to you an apartment, provide proof of his legal right of ownership – such as contract of purchase and sale agreement on privatization, gift, a certificate of ownership. If only the owner, then he signs the contract. On behalf of the owner to rent an apartment for rent has a right and a trustee, of course, its powers must necessarily be authenticated by a notary. If several owners, the situation is more complicated. The owner, who owns only shares the room has no authority to lease it all without the consent of other owners.

Under the lease agreement Apartment owners are required to sign all the apartments, and if some of them are children under the age of 18, their authorized representatives – parents. When will ensure the presence of all private property owners can not be one of them is entitled to present notarized power of attorney or consent of other owners, then again, formalized by a notary. The most important thing – the lease the apartment, signed by a person not eligible is not valid. If a person dealer's apartment does not have all the necessary documents, it is better to refuse the rental of such an object, because it is the tenant may run into a bunch of problems. It must include: description of the apartment – the location, number of rooms, a list of tenants – the passport details of those people, information on utility bills; terms of the contract; information about the owners of the apartment, the size of the rent, the conditions of termination.