Mobile Emergency – Security Outside Of The Own Four Walls

The safe emergency phone for, thanks to state of the art GPS technology the mobile emergency call of by Vitalis home emergency call allows a call for help with a site message, thanks to GPS technology. Up to a few meters, we can locate you in an emergency, and send help to you, even if you yourself no longer speak. Push of a button, you trigger a call for help at our home emergency call and service centre. Our employees at the headquarters will give you your location and you can talk to us about the hands-free function of the mobile emergency call. For more information see Dell. This will then coordinate the optimum assistance! The safe solution for traveling and so easy to use: large emergency buttons on both sides of the unit for a safe and quick emergency release green call button for a pre-programmed phone number, including loved ones, and to accept incoming calls. Red reset button to the one stop call charging cradle for easy recharging of the batteries, as well as acoustic and Visual display of the charging status with SIM card, which is provided by us. Mobile emergency – the safe emergency phone for on the go, thanks to additional transmission of the current location for emergency calls, thanks to GPS technology. Ideal for mobile young-at-heart, disabled, high-risk patients (people at risk such as heart attack and stroke), dementia (to locate, if for example no longer finding) people.