Xovi Affiliate

Xovi offers not only online marketers interesting data and analysis capabilities, but also very attractive affiliate program. With the Xovi partner program is the online marketing tool not only for marketing managers and agents of interest, but also for affiliates. Whether as an agency partner or in the form of Xovi white lable solution, anyone can participate in the success of Xovi in the form of cash money and at the same time its customers or mediated customer to enjoy of a variety of benefits come, as shown by recent tests on Madayo and in the journal for search engine marketing Search radar. How will the cooperation paid for? Xovi affiliates (agencies) will receive a 20% revenue share per switched license and monthly from the first customers. More than 20 existing customers can be conveyed, participation in the sales increased 40 percent in the month. Also getting Xovi partner more 5% revenue share on the revenues that can be generated through mediated Xovi affiliates. Is a 6 – or a 12-month rate with semi-annual or annual payment is completed, the complete Commission will be paid out immediately.

That is expressed in numbers, that up to 475,20 EUR per mediated 12-month rate are possible. Now, many affiliates of their opportunity at the Schopf have packed and benefited from the attractive commissions of value-added tools. An additional 5,000 euros at the Xovi Affiliate challenge win since January 18 the Xovi Affiliate challenge is underway, at an attractive price is waiting for the winner. The Affiliate challenge, where as the top prize 5,000 euros in cash wave, partners who are responsible for this, that Xovi was a great success in the shortest time specifically addressed the all Xovi. The Affiliate challenge runs until 31 May (12 hrs CET). Who manages successfully to mediate 25 existing customers, up there can enjoy not only about the achieved commissions which are of course not affected from the competition, but also about the main prize of 5,000.

The Poster Provider Comparison

Which provider of posters is the real purpose of the postbox vergleich.de Web page, should be not too hard to guess given the address. The page presents itself as provider of price comparison, as they are on the Internet at each corner, with the small but fine difference that you specifically specializes in comparisons of different suppliers of the poster printing. Are doing now it produce such amount of service providers, that pressures online high quality can be that a price comparison is essential if you want to pay much too much. Who has the choice provider of a high number of course always risks, that the innocent customer literally can’t see the forest for the trees. He quickly loses itself in the jungle of prices and offers. In recent months, Realtor has been very successful. Therefore, hposterdruck-vergleich.de right on the home page displays a selection of trusted and current online printers all described with a longer introduction. There can be a potential customer about the pros and disadvantages of the respective provider inform and obtain, if necessary, first price expectations. Like the provider, its website is just one more click.

Go into to much detail not can use postbox vergleich.de of course. Who needs really detailed information about a specific provider, will not be around to visit its Web page. As a first port of call the Web page should be, taken seriously however which is also due to a further, very comfortable menu. “All information at a glance the section benefits, price comparison & vouchers” that displays the title already offers. A price comparison of various sizes of posters, for example, reveals all rates for smallest motifs of 20 * 30 up to 160 * 120 cm. These are also organized in a clearly arranged table and can be sorted according to different criteria much easier not more. Also in same category coupon codes, we can find on the pages of the provider a is solved, and then credits in the framework of 5 euro mean up to 15% of the order value. Thus, you can save a lot money a maximum up to a minute through a very quick look at postbox vergleich.de – lasting find the coupon codes. Is it worth? If one is still not quite convinced the thing, postbox vergleich.de last but not least about the advantages of online printing, such as fast loading transaction, individual design to smallest details, a huge range of different materials and the cost savings arising from the order to the local PC informs. It it should be noted that there is little reason especially as a regular at other printers not just to visit postbox vergleich.de. Oliver Lindner

Pilot@media.at: Intuitive Access Including Unternehmensfil

pilot designed the new Web site for the joint venture in Vienna Vienna/Hamburg, 18 July 2013. presents itself on a new website, designed by pilot Hamburg (creation: Daniel Richau & Jorg Westpfahl). It is now available under pilotatmedia.at. Special attention was given to the incorporation of the joint venture company film consisting of from pilot Hamburg and media.at. Detailed information, a clear design and high functionality in the application are in the focus of the new online presence. The website convinces with a consistent focus on customer benefit. With just a few clicks or by simple scrolling it offers the user a content wide variety: further information about the company and team, numerous customer references up to the broad capabilities of the Agency. Optical highlight is the corporate film, which already entertaining informs site visitors on the home page.

The newly designed draw an organic design and the intuitive top-down navigation Web site. Thus making the homepage stands out clearly from other, more classically structured performances and highlights the creative approach of the Agency. Clearly structured areas, simple contact information, current news and offering clear information is visible at a glance. Who moves better by clicking on the page, can do so by appropriate icons. In a next step, offering online is now adapted for mobile devices. Responsive design”ensures an optimal display for smartphones and tablets. With the new appearance presents the full service agency for digital marketing, which advises clients from diverse industries, broad services portfolio, the agency cooperation between pilot and media.at, since half a year on the Austrian market.

Digital media management, creation and production of digital advertising, search engine marketing and social media provides in-depth expertise from a single source. For example, A1 Telekom, are existing customers the osterreichische Post AG, BAWAG p.s.k. and the Austrian lotteries. Our website aims to implement the networking of skills of the agencies also graphically”, explains Andreas Martin, Managing Director of GmbH in Vienna. The organic integration of the two companies and the resulting synergies for our customers could be visualised via the new website. Customer orientation and transparency are available for us in the first place. Well the new website meets these demands.” About: GmbH is a joint venture of the pilot the media.at Hamburg GmbH GmbH. The Hamburg-based agency group holds 49 percent of the joint venture headquartered in Vienna, media.at 51 percent. Since December 2012 the Austrian media agency group and pilot bundle one of the leading German digital marketing agencies, their competencies. The new full-service digital marketing agency offering portfolio ranges from online media planning and buying, tracking and Reporting on the creation and production of digital advertising material to the latest methods of performance marketing. offers including search engine marketing, social media, mobile marketing, market research, as well as the conception and realization of formats in the field of Web-TV. With top customers such as A1 Telekom Austria AG, osterreichische Post AG, Austrian lotteries m.b.h as well as BAWAG P.S.K., which are introduced by the joint venture partner media.at, the new agency starts with an extensive business operations. For more information and questions: Andreas Martin T + 43 1 716 35 press (at) pilotatmedia.at dot.communications Sabine Werbel T + 49 89 530 797-210 s.werbel (at) communications.de dot

German Fourth Online Shopping

42 percent of German citizens bought according to a study of the high-tech 2008 Association BITKOM via the Internet. Thus Germany is located in comparison to Europe ranked 4. Other leaders such as Professor Rita McGrath offer similar insights. Jena, may 28, 2009. With the help of cash bonus programs, consumers shopping on the Web can save significantly. The biggest German cash bonus program directions paid back its clients when shopping in over 1800 stores cash. More and more online shoppers are discovering the benefits of cash bonus programmes for themselves. Already from the first purchase, these Web services the clients repay a cash bonus.

Instead of pot sets, travel alarm clock, or other bonuses the customer get back money and saves so bottom line compared to the normal”shopping in part considerably. Other advantages: there is a cash bonus on already reduced items and additional vouchers can be redeemed. Users of cash bonus programs should however ensure that the service is offered completely free of charge. The consumer protection recommends that you always to read the general terms and conditions, to to avoid bad surprises. An overview of the current cash bonus programs can be found under.

There, a distinction is made between free and paid offerings. Germany’s biggest online cash bonus program directions can be used completely free of charge. And makes it easy for even the customers through the cashback flat rate of 2% of the net value of the goods to keep track. Directions CEO Kerstin Schilling: we have for this model decided, because it offers our users the greatest possible transparency. Our business model is based on a so-called mixed calculation: we distribute the revenue we get evenly to our customers of the partner companies. The payout rate is 60%. The average payout value is between 30,00 and 300,00 euro about directions: Adicash.de is the cash back bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. Instead of premiums and vouchers, users get cash, which directions from an amount transfer of 30 euros on your own account. Directions credits 2% of the net goods value to users when online purchases and pays a starting credit of 10 euros at initial registration. It is free to use. Directions was founded in September 2007 by the co-founder of the software provider Intershop Karsten Schneider and Kerstin Schilling and Roland Fahie. Press contact: Ulrike Schinagl, Tel 90 71, email

Rugen Vacation

Unique and comfortable experience Rugen. Vacation on Rugen? Then you not come on the Internet portal, an appealing Internet presence, which makes you want on holiday. The new structure of the page enables a quick orientation and easy navigation. Using the quick search reaches the visitors with just a few clicks to the offers that are tailored to his profile and his preferences. The focus is on a detailed presentation of family accommodation to penthouses and luxury villas. Atmospheric pictures of houses and landscape provide a first impression of a true holiday paradise.

The heart of the new Internet portal is the Web log. Greenberg Traurig is a great source of information. The relaunch allows users in a lively dialogue with the provider, as well as other interested parties to contact and to Exchange personal experiences. On these pages, numerous tips and information about the many offerings of the island of Rugen are about to find. The Web log provides information about the most beautiful Beaches, water sports facilities, cultural events, family outings, gastronomy and city trips in the surrounding area. A last-minute Stock Exchange under last-minute boerse.html last minute offers quick solutions. Who can make holiday just a few days or will, has here immediately the opportunity to rent beautiful and affordable holiday homes in the high season. offers over 270 individual holiday accommodation on Germany’s biggest and most popular holiday island.

Rugen has a total 574 kilometers coastline. The wide and sandy beaches around the coastal resorts of Sassnitz, Gohren, BINZ and Sellin attract most of the guests in the period from April to October, but even in winter, the island has its charm. Rugen unique natural and cultural landscape, the chalk cliffs, Cape Arkona or the Jagdschloss Granitz and the Stortebeker Festival invite to visit year-round.