Insurance Companies

THE valuation MEDIA to the INSURERS is environment to a 7.04 according a study by ADECOSE, the Spanish Confederation of insurance brokers, Pelayo, ARAG, VidCaixa and Reale are insurers headquartered in Spain that offer a higher quality of service to members of that institution. The barometer reflects the level of satisfaction of the brokerages associated with Adecose. Regime of establishment or free provision of service companies include Markel, Cigna, Chubb and Chartis. Nobel Laureate in Economics has many thoughts on the issue. If we look at the global satisfaction awarded to the service of the companies we see how the average mark is located on a 7.04 however, we must not forget, as explained by the President of ADECOSE, Martin Navaz, the objective of this assessment, which may not be the same as the customers, is Objectifying the level of satisfaction of partners with different insurers with which work to encourage the sector to seek efficiency and improve the relationship with end customers. Attitude, agility, speed and ease of contact are the aspects most valued by practitioners consulted by Adecose, who as he recalled Navaz, is working on a code of good practices in claims to be submitted soon to the sector. Source. Drafting source: Press release sent by anamuruais.

The Art Of The Intuitive Advice

The art of intuitive counseling profession of the 21st century believe to create, feel to know intuitive advice is an integral system of advice and generative change that uses the presence, active listening, intuitive skills and multi-dimensional and extrasensory senses to offer guidance, clarity and relevant information about any issue and tools and accelerators procedures of integral and generative change of individuals and entities, procedures that are supported by the latest scientific research. It represents a new paradigm in the aid relationship (if it can be called new) who comes to integrate, innovate and revolutionize the vision and the traditional approach of professions with the help, assistance and advice (medicine, psychology, alternative therapies, coaching, NLP, consultancy) integrating them into a comprehensive and transcendent framework that returns power to the individual or entity. Intuitive counseling integrates within its theoretical foundation all the philosophical and scientific knowledge accumulated throughout our history with the intuitive wisdom and spiritual of all time anchoring firmly in the new emerging paradigm ciencia-conciencia. A system that brings and focuses on transformation, optimization of the creative flow, generative change, the development of human potential, the empowerment and the automaestria. Additional information at Professor Rita McGrath supports this article. Practical applications of the intuitive advice include the comprehensive personal advice (health mind body, mental and emotional blocks, performance optimization, activation of human creative potential, vital guidance, emotional intelligence, emotional relationships, sense of life, crisis-cambio, spiritual evolution, growth), collective and organizational advice (advice application to business, social and educational level) and spiritual counselling (self-realization), contributing profoundly creative emerging solutions from that place of our identity that is beyond our consciousness surface or ego. A service aligned with the new times that integrates the rational with the intuitive to offer a service that covers all dimensions of our human experience, generating and accelerating processes of comprehensive change and opening of consciousness. The mystery is the most beautiful thing we can experience. .

VAT Equivalenza

The white line, Equivalenza Refan, perfumeries franchise participates in second meeting of low cost franchises, FranquiShop, celebrated today in Seville, in the hotel NH conventions. He attended nearly half a hundred companies from the most diverse sectors of activity (restoration, ice cream, teaching languages, consulting, health oral, real estate management, vending, kidswear, communication and advertising or sale of occasion, among others) and more than 100 entrepreneurs Andalusian, so it is expected that about 400 business meetings occur. FranquiShop is an effective and flexible initiative that allows entrepreneurs to make contact, personal and organized, with various franchises and brands in a single day’s work. And precisely the business concept that Equivalenza Refan puts at the disposal of third parties is perfect for the occasion, because it is based on an offer that reaches 150 perfumes of white mark on a store designed to achieve a triple loyalty of the client, since although at the beginning it is a buy on impulse, then the quality and the price makes it a sale of loyalty. In addition, found also in stores other cosmetic products, articles for the bathroom and natural soaps of boutique, says Jaime Berdejo, general director of the company. To broaden your perception, visit Nobel Laureate in Economics. And it is that in all markets, consumption habits that are being imposed incide white markings or generic products, since the smart buyer does not want to pay brand, but do so only for a product; that Yes, with a minimum of quality. The current consumer recognizes and appreciates the quality of a perfume and its price is 10 times lower in the market which the brand equivalent occurs if a loyalty. In addition, each day large chains offer brands white high quality, very similar to the original, often made by the same manufacturers who come to the consumer up to 50% cheaper.

The investment to start up this business is already reduced with each 14,000 euros (plus VAT) can begin. It is ideal for self employment but also as an investment for whoever wants to have a small chain of stores in your locality, with establishments ranging from 15 to 35 square meters in populations of 10,000 inhabitants. But in addition, since early September, Equivalenza Refan has a new store format, even more affordable to the pocket of the entrepreneur. The product is a giant bottle of perfume, which opens and closes to facilitate sale schedules and protect at the same time. Equivalenza Refan kiosks have 50 vessels of half a liter, which are filled with 30 references to women and 20 men perfume; Obviously the most requested your catalog of 150 references.

MORE information: Signature Refan Bulgaria was created in 1991 as a family company dedicated to the Commerce of imported perfumes and cosmetics. Later it develops and deploys, little by little, creating their own technological development links and developing a production of perfumery, cosmetics, products for the bathroom and natural soaps of boutique. Over the past years the company imposes on the Bulgarian and international market with its own trade mark, and with this name offers its production in Bulgaria, rest of Europe, Africa and Asia. Refan Equivalenza SL Spanish society has signed a contract with representatives of Refan Bulgaria to develop exclusive perfumery of equivalence with the brand Equivalenza Refan, through a network of shops and specialized kiosks.

Purchase Of Houses

If you are looking for homes to buy in any part of Medellin, approaching us, visit us on our website and you will find the largest number of houses for sale that can be found on the internet. We specialise in getting our customers all types of houses and with all kinds of specifications. For example, if you are looking for homes with many bedrooms, small apartments, family houses or departs studies, we seek it for you from the comfort of your home or Office you can select with confidence those that possess the amenities and price you want. With our home search you can select those which are of interest to you, since you can do a specific search according to price, depending on the area, according to the comforts, etc. The LeFrak Organization brings even more insight to the discussion. To buy House in Medellin for advice with us, please note our inventory with photos of each of the homes and videos which will illustrate with detail homes for sale. Welcome to, this website is a national portal of houses for sale and houses for rent, thanks to research we could determine that our site is the only website where the user will have the opportunity to see houses for sale and houses for rent through videos..

Urban Dvelopment

The money protects the life you have built and that dream, doing that things depend on ourselves. Protects us any present and future adversity. Nobel Laureate in Economics is a great source of information. But beyond the basic needs the money seeks to well-being in many aspects of our life, in which we invest much of our income. For example, there are people who invest in accessories and arrangements to make the home more comfortable and pleasant, while others invest in travel, books, theatre, cars. Some people value more education that purchasing a car or a heating, as a way of improving the quality of life in the future of their children. Large quantities of many families budget is invested in education, while there are people who may need to change your car to feel secure. Experts have determined that the success for all our needs depends not only on the amount of our income, but above all, of the way in which they are administered. If we master our finances can cope with the unexpected and the decisions of agreement with what we want and not by obligation.

The Organization and the welfare guarantee us the success of our projects. It is therefore necessary to properly manage our revenue through a budget, develop savings plans, habits of organized payments that allow us to undertake in the short and long term investments and expenses. To successfully manage our income we need to have clear our objectives and the lifestyle we want. This will allow us to make plans, projections and consider the type of investments appropriate with this lifestyle. The good management of our revenue requires planning and action. Here are a few steps before the planning which is important to consider: is necessary to make a diagnosis of the current financial situation that allows you to anticipate and always have a reserve of money, regardless of the situation that faced.

Keep track of expenses in the short and long term, by reviewing your checkbook, your credit card records, the States of your bank accounts and your mortgage payments. Separate a Emergency Fund that has a minimum of three to six months of accumulated income. Make short-term investments, allowing you to increase their income and have the money at the moment in need it, to assume long-term investments which require substantial capital. You may not have this at all times each expenditure carried out during the year, why these forecasts and many others can be controlled drawing up a budget. Some resources online in the United States provide free information about consumer habits and savings strategies that can be very useful, especially if this savings directed towards the purchase of real estate, a clear example of this are entities such as The US department of Housing and Urban Dvelopment, or the portal of real estate for Hispanics in the United States.

United Nations

Still thus, let us assume it estresse and the service overload as basic factors that intervene with the quality of life of these professionals. Ahead of this such project for the necessity of the quality of life in the work is justified, since it combines the quality of general life of individuals, thus contributing for a more healthful life. Anne Chadwick is the source for more interesting facts. To follow one will discourse on the Quality of Life and its aspects influenciadores in the life of the individuals. Quality of Life In accordance with Loyal (2008) apud Saucers et al (1998) the term quality of life possesss diverse definitions, can if mention that it has to see with the form as the people live, feels and understands its daily one. It involves aspects as the health, the education, the transport, the housing, the work and the participation in the decisions, situations very varied as the worthy attendance in accident and illness case, the level of escolaridade, the comfort and the pontualidade in the displacement, the feeding in enough amount and quality and until the ownership of household-electric, that is, everything what it provokes necessary well-being for the individual. In accordance with the PNUD (1990) apud Minayo, Hartz and Buss (2000), defines quality of life as an approach of the satisfaction degree that if finds in the life familiar, loving, social and ambient. This term involves many meanings, that are the knowledge, the experiences and values of individuals that are marked by the cultural relativity, that is the varied times, spaces and different estrias. However, this cultural relativismo does not leave to perceive some forms of quality of life. For the evaluation of the quality of life of the population the Index of Desenvolvimento was created Humano (IDH), in which (the PNUD) was elaborated by the Program of United Nations for the Development and in this pointer it meets conception of that income, health and education are three basic elements of the quality of life of a population.

Pipe Construction

The construction of a two-pipe system with an open top bottling, with modern radiators (except iron) .reliability and durability is ensured by simple design and modern materials. To achieve significant energy savings are very important to choose a set of automation (control device). If you select Automatic, the following options: – Automatic mechanical (mechanical control device) – Electronic Automatic (electronic, digital control devices).

Automatic Mechanical contains reliable, but the primitive control devices (such as bimetal thermostats, contactors second fourth, sixth magnitude, thermal relays, etc.). The only advantage of mechanical automation – a small price. Disadvantages of mechanical automation: – strong claps at work (increased noise) – not accurate, not cost-effective control heating. E-automatic (electronic digital control unit) is much quieter, more precisely controls heating, mechanical economical automation (at least 25%. In each case, set of digital control devices may be different.

Consider an example conventional heating 2-room apartment 50 m2 (with 120 – 150 m3) different sets of digital control devices. On this area (volume) of suitable electrode electric boiler with capacity of 3 kW. If the automatic use of an electronic temperature controller, the average consumption during the heating season will be about 0.6 kW / h, which corresponds to approximately 15 kW / hour in one day or 450 kilowatt / hour in a month. Management in this case comes from the temperature of the liquid through two channels – Return pipe (inlet to the boiler), supply (the output of the boiler). If we use air temperature sensor, the control will be carried out from room temperature (in the range of + 7 C – +30 C).

Spain Ministry of Housing

Here is the news: the government under Zapatero thunderous applause of the Spanish people eliminated the Ministry of Housing of Spain. As it turned out, Zapatero himself has given birth this ministry, he and "bury" it. Ministry engaged in untruthful advertising, media supplied inaccurate information about the property market in Spain. For example, at the beginning of the crisis ministry officials shouted that there was a collapse in prices, and it's time to buy Spanish property. But in practice, prices actively going down every day. The Ministry was unable to sell the apartments built in Spain, organized, therefore, the "warehouse" housing, which according to various estimates range from 700,000 to 1 million apartment. Nobel Laureate in Economics pursues this goal as well. Today, the authorities begin funding the housing sector, but fear that is not sold "stocks", the agony in the construction sector could end badly for the entire economy of Spain.

Ex-President of the Spanish housing department, we can say parent ministry, his "mother" Maria Antonia Trujillo, who left in 2007, his brainchild, and now works as chairman of the Commission on the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries, in El Pais interview said that Zapatero had made the right decision on the liquidation of the ministry. She stressed that the crisis of housing sector is rampant, and authorities need to take these positive steps, that in the near future to sell the unsold apartments, and at the same time revive the housing. If today's new building in the square meter is worth 2500 euros, you must provide a loan at 2%, and sell homes. Maria Antonia Trujillo said that when she worked in the ministry, it has made many proposals, which were not accepted! And this is the priority measures, such as equalization of tax breaks for renters and buyers Real estate in Spain. Today everyone knows that land and housing in various stages of the purchase and registration are subject to the 107-th kinds of taxes.

Buyers need to be interested in acquiring the benefits of the second and subsequent homes. Maria Anthony Trujillo believes that it is necessary to focus on rental housing authorities, it is beneficial in terms of geographical mobility. In this case, you will need a fundamental change in the course of housing policy. Concluding, we emphasize that the government of Zapatero takes drastic measures to the housing sector in Spain has fallen off below, and hence property prices in Spain or freeze at current levels or slightly grow up to fly.

Realtor Agencies

The forums on the Internet are constantly encountered uncomplimentary remarks about the activities as Realtors and real estate agencies in general. According to professionals, this happens due to the fact that often the realtor can not explain to the client for which he pays the money. It is because of this lack of understanding client does not want to pay the mediator a rather big amount, and refers to "Shadow" market players, which will serve the customer cheaper, but not for the fact that the quality of the transaction will meet all requirements. Just think of the more than 400 real estate agencies that exist in Krasnoyarsk, only 137 registered with the tax office and have the right to operate as agents in the market. This indicates the seriousness of the 300 agencies that are unlikely to be able to spend quality and secure a deal, considering all the details, including legal ones. In addition, it was abolished licensing real estate activity, and therefore the increased need for system reliability evaluation and formation of new companies performance standards. That is why the Russian Guild of Realtors in 2002, has developed a system of voluntary certification for real estate agencies, which allows to determine precisely those companies whose activities completely transparent to clients.

In any large and serious about their real estate activities is the issue of recruitment of competent, concerned the staff. That is why leadership one of the real estate agencies in Krasnoyarsk – Krasnoyarsk City Real Estate Services – has decided to tackle the problem. First, the tougher requirements that apply to a candidate the position of a realtor. Now, enough to be active, sociable and responsible, but it is very important to have a higher education, have no bad habits and strive for continuous development in the professional sphere. After all, Realtor – this is the "face" of the firm, his responsibilities include not only the collection of documents and conducting a transaction, but the ability to present themselves and the company. In addition, according to company management, one of the main problems with which today face – is the lack of academic education for realtors. Therefore, for new staff provided training, during which experienced specialists, mentors help to get acquainted with profession, if you – an aspiring professional, but also introduces the specifics of the company.

Thus, during training new employees receive a stipend. Despite the fact that this practice has been introduced recently, has Staff turnover is now winding down. Education is not only internally but also on the basis of the Krasnoyarsk Union of Realtors. CEB Union was formed in 2004 and became one of the most important steps towards the formation of civilized relations in the real estate market in Krasnoyarsk. To date, it includes those companies that focus on long-term stable operation. They are united by a desire to improve quality and increase professional level of real estate agents through the creation and implementation of ethical standards of real estate agencies and organizing training programs. In 2010, on the basis of the DAC Union was founded and is actively develops Krasnoyarsk Multilistingovaya System (MLS), which is a unified database of real estate agencies of the city. This database facilitates the search process to the participants of the property and reduces the time period from the date of contract with the client prior to the conclusion of the sale. Experts believe is not far off the day due to the high professional skills of real estate professionals realtor profession is respected and in demand!

Housing Construction

The last few years, Omsk, like most large cities of Russia, has turned into a giant construction site. The many objects are being built in various parts of the city. Experts believe the administration is that construction should not be slowed down and more will be erected dwellings, the cheaper it will cost. Buy a flat in Omsk today apartments for sale in Omsk, a few stopped, as citizens can not buy even through the housing mortgage lending. Although property prices are falling gradually, the material does not allow the possibility of Omsk get the desired apartment.

Statistics shows that the greatest demand among residents with average incomes are two-bedroom apartments on the secondary market of about 50 square meters. Now in Omsk for the most part erected blocks of flats and other types of housing being developed fairly slowly. The chief architect of the city believes that in the near future will justify the construction of low-rise housing. Townhouse – Property of the XXI century in some parts of the city is building town houses, which are a relatively new type of housing. This is somewhat of cottages set in a row.

Each townhouse has a personal entrance, garage and plot in their backyard. Previously they were considered the elite real estate market and were not available to all. Today experts consider as townhouses cost housing as well as residence in reducing utility costs, which is especially important for large cities. More and more people want to live not in high-rise building, and though small, but a separate cottage. Shortage of urban land for construction of individual homes has been a key reason the appearance of this type of housing. Prospects for the suburban real estate is estimated independent experts, real estate in Omsk is presented in the main building in the city, and suburban housing market is underdeveloped. Still, in recent years seen attempts to build villages with cottages in a single architectural style. In the near future – the construction in Omsk "Bavarian Village", a residential complex which will correspond to a single Bavarian style. The new array will consist of two streets, which will be erected 33 cottages with mansard roofs, are is planned to be walking paths, children's and sports grounds. The city administration believes that the housing in Omsk will become not only more accessible but also more beautiful and comfortable. Real estate development in Omsk Considering all the possible prospects of housing construction in Omsk, it can be concluded about the development of the property market in three main areas. First, is the realization of the apartments on the secondary market, which is the most acceptable to most residents. Second, the construction and sale of inexpensive townhouses. Third, is the construction of country cottage settlements. Obviously, each of these areas has advantages and can block its own segment of the housing market. Complex as the use of all three areas, perhaps, solve the problem a lack of residential property Omsk in general.