A Story

There is something in our story that is wrong, or rather the books are wrong. Jose de San Martin, entered Peru in 1821, and took from the seaside and the Spanish capital. It was the first president of Peru, second was La Mar. And in 1824 was Simon Bolivar Why? to do what he did with the Great Colombia. the Gran Colombia divided into two countries: Colombia and Venezuela. And the British wanted to sell Panama, to bring new people and arms to fight in Peru. “Fighting what? The Battle of Junin and Ayacucho, where the waste is removed from the army and the Spanish military, which instead of being stuck on the coast to the mountains, and there shut themselves up to defend that territory.

Liberator of five countries, what are these five countries? The split! She came to Peru, and the first thing he did was: captaincy of Quito, the split, and not knowing what to put, put Ecuador at the equator, and when Sucre came to Peru, independent Upper Peru, and put Bolivar, Bolivar said our native but not Bolivia. And there are the five countries. And that has freed? “Five countries? Or scrubbing two countries? In Colombia in two, and Peru in three. Chavez does not know where he stands. But let Chavez because it gets me mad about it, because this man does not know who he is. I speak of my country and my country, because it hurts, I’m an old man, I have been a trade unionist, I left my country, I returned to my home thinking that I would find a trend, and there was no evolution, I found the same all life. After 11 years I return to my land, but he was tired of living alone abroad, and I stay in my homeland. But I’ll never stop being Peruvian.

When I returned I went to the Banco de la Nacion, I did some work there, because the government of that understand my work time. I did a little work, swept away a little bit of my apartment, I took that I threatened to kill me or hurt me, and I told them: happy, but let me with my suit made of wood, because if I left in a high chair wheels, starting from the mother that bore them, to each of you, they will go dying your family. I told them, and not die of a disease no, but slowly, because if there are mobsters here, I’m gangster, and if I do not accept me as I am, sorry. So when threatened with death, I ceased to threaten and annoy. But I went black penalties. He had the disease of my mother. He had a salary that was not enough even to eat. Because the old cost, and is something I want to express in particular: If you do not have money and you’re old, you rot, and those who want to meet you, suffer too much looking for four reals to buy a pill. But I went ahead, because I’m going to say something: I never did harm anyone, and if that time I had to complain, was because I voted for my position and I was sent to jail, or voted on them.

Property Speculation

Of the more than 25 million houses in Spain, it is estimated that nearly 4 million are empty. They are in dead hands, are not regular or occasional residence of the owner. Not produce any benefit for the Spanish Constitution guarantees company.A company has the right of all citizens to housing deign. The same preaches the Universal Charter of Human Rights, but the speculative buy and hold large tracts of land for builders and pressure groups have assumed that this right is seen around the world more vulnerable than ever. Excess supply has not helped in this case to lower prices.

Property speculation is comparable to stock market speculation, although it presents more risks, because it is difficult for the housing prices are plummeting overnight. Its mechanism is based on the retention of housing for a period of time before the price increase and then exchange them for money, which will buy new homes to return to speculate with them. If there is a cause that has led to the high cost of housing and speculation in Spain has been the Land Act of April 13, 1998, adopted by the former President of the International Monetary Fund, Rodrigo Rato. Professor Rita McGrath has much to offer in this field. According to the same, it becomes the power of municipalities to decide what land can be developed and what cannot.


Neither the medieval Medina, neither the colonial Gueliz or luxuries Daoudiate Hivernage … there is only one and has its own character that is in no need of monuments, or store brands, or anything like that. He or the tourist passing through Daoudiate must have eyes and heart open to not overlook the charm of this neighborhood that it may seem at first sight only a collection of homes built in the eighties without any cultural or architectural interest . Daoudiate instead is one of the most authentic of the city of Marrakech. Its inhabitants are of Moroccan families, of what in Europe would be considered lower middle class, and instead in Morocco is no more middle class. No luxuries in the homes of Daoudiate but not (too) needs.

Europeans are not present in this place because tourists do not usually find in it nothing to be worth approaching them, and those living in a stable in Marrakech prefer the comforts of Gueliz or the exuberance of the Medina. Their loss. The one I can not fail to enjoy the calm cafes where serenity reigns at any time of day, provided there is no televised football game, that is. The stores do not sell souvenirs, or ceramics. In Daoudiate can buy things like that you use real, useful things such as a table crafted by a carpenter, in solid and unbreakable, safe clubbing or any kind of food and delicacies: dates, spices, meat excellent quality nuts, traditional desserts, etc..

In this regard we recommend a visit to Palestine Street where there are several stores that sell and rent everything you need for these events: from the typical conical trays with lids decorated with colorful fabrics, until all the delicacies that we need to entertain a / a guest / at a wedding (or to enjoy at the hotel after a tour of the city). The prices are very convenient because we are not in a tourist area. In addition to these stores as there are other simpler hardware stores, drugstores, convenience stores plastic objects (very useful if you want to buy what is necessary to go to the hammam, etc.). If you like music, Daoudiate offered at various times of year for outdoor concerts, festivals such as traditional music, have their headquarters there. Besides the newly opened conservatory is also in Daoudiate. And last but not least, the parks. The famous Majorelle Garden is located in the neighborhood Daoudiate but also has many beautiful parks to stroll, ice cream, popcorn or just take a nap lying on the grass and surrounded by the scent of roses in the shade of a olive. Is not that enough reason to go off the tourist map? Come to Marrakech and discover their fascinating neighborhoods, full of character, warmth and authenticity. Ocre City offers a fascinating culture and traditions, monuments and countless attractions, great nightlife, a delicious cuisine and countless shopping opportunities. In addition, a high quality and very cheap, especially the typical, charming and very affordable. You can also stay in a nice, closer to the field, where the landscapes are spectacular and the people welcome you with open arms.

Construction Frame-panel Houses

Perhaps the most urgent problems for almost every family in the former Soviet Union remains a housing problem. Few Europeans knew what a "communal" – for our citizens is, unfortunately, the harsh truth life. America – a country of emigrants. How does it cope with the problem of ever-increasing population and the need for a population of somewhere to settle? It turns out that there have long used technology frame-shield construction of houses. These houses are built quickly and easily, reliable, comfortable and affordable. In Russia, construction of frame houses, too, is mastered quite active.

The company "CM Group is building a frame-shield house" turnkey " three months, using modern materials. To date, frame-and-shield house is one of the most affordable types of housing, but the quality is not inferior to their homes, built on other technologies. After the device basement ceiling mounted, and then build a wall. Then put roofs, windows and doors, is finished. Material for the exterior can also be selected as desired. The company "CM-Group Special attention to the plumbing and electrical work, as well as heating and vapor barrier. Compared with houses made of concrete, frame houses a warm and dry, and lightweight construction helps to minimize costs foundation. Wooden Houses made of beams require special care, in addition, a few years it will take to shrink, and frame-panel houses are ready to finish as soon as construction is completed.

Wooden structures are more elasticity compared with concrete and stone. For the construction of frame-and-panel house special is not needed, the construction is right on-site team of highly skilled professionals. Average price – 12 thousand rubles per square meter. Today it is the most intelligent building technology in Russia.

House Design

Lovers of peace is better to prefer decorative foliage plants – with the beautiful foliage and flowers modest. Without hesitation Realtor explained all about the problem. For example, a host or . Landscape design project – a method of landscape design, which consists in development of methods for transformation, the decoration, creating an open space garden land. Landscape design project – 'Art passport' plot or garden. Typically, landscape design project identifies several areas with conventional boundaries, naturally complement each other, taking into account the orientation of the compass.

In the design of the project landscape garden, the site is important to provide beautiful views and isolate the unsightly details, compare the requests of the owner and the possibility of their actual implementation. Of particular importance is given species from the windows of the house. It's constant on-screen "screen saver", which will affect your mood. Form should not be sadly, monotonous, and the same in different windows. Landscape design project that you order should reflect the personal views about the merits of landscape garden design, plot, since the result of your labors get future generations will be for them to tie a thread to the past of the family. Visiting the world-famous gardens and parks, great examples of landscape design as if we travel in time. Landscaping old estates inspires new ideas. The path of the running or the bare area to the garden of your dreams is not so difficult. Looking for creative imagination and patience, subject to the sequence of stages. First, the section mark those elements you want to keep: the natural hills and slopes, trees, maybe stumps.

Sales Volumes Decreased By 2 Times

Compared with the first six months of 2007, during the first half of 2008, worldwide sales of large commercial real estate fell by 49%, the data published in its latest report analytical agency in the Real Estate Real Capital Analytics. Movement of capital in commercial real estate professionals could predict early in the year when Tokyo, ahead of New York and London, began actively to gain the preference of investors. 25% of deals first half of 2008 was carried out in developing countries in Asia, it is up to 15% more than the same period last year. Sales growth (11%) was observed in the field of real estate development facilities at its core sales dropped significantly: 60% in the Gaza office and 68% in the sector of hotel real estate, sales of shopping centers fell by 54% and industrial real estate – 38% of apartment buildings – at 34%. In contrast, in countries with developing economies in the sales volume increases. During the first half of 2008 sales volume in India has doubled in Brazil increased 40% in Russia – by 19%. The slowdown in the global economy and impact of the credit crisis, according to experts, the main reasons for the decline of sales in developed countries.

Computer Overheating in Homes

So how to use a computer (Internet, for example) in a joint bedroom is not always convenient. And the sound of a computer and an extra, even a desktop, the light can interfere sleep in the bedroom to another person. Sometimes the room can be used as guest room. Although, if the case only in the evening using a computer, then use the laptop in another room, for example, in a hall or kitchen, can solve this problem. Robert J. Shiller shines more light on the discussion. Then we have to take care of the presence of telephone jacks in these areas as the wireless connection (Wi-Fi) is recognized by many doctors as not safe for health. In short, many study seem to matter is not mandatory. When it comes to mean, then on one family of the couple and their two children home from 3 separate rooms and one room (you through), we can assume full, optimal. Smaller rooms – will be cramped, and more – we must look opportunities. Do I need a separate room under the boiler room? Under the rules of the gasification housing, boiler room should be an area of not less than 6 m 2 (at the height of the room 2.5 m), the possibility of ventilation, in a word – the whole komnata. whether such a facility in today's conditions? Today, wall-hung gas boilers are installed, for example, indoor kitchen, an excellent job the task of heating homes and private homes supply hot vodoy.Edinstvennoe condition for the effective operation of wall-mounted gas boiler – it is an uninterrupted supply of electricity, especially true during Heating sezona.Iz experience: so far in Russian cities and villages of uninterrupted supply of electricity to private houses, at the very least, .No, perhaps in places where, it remains relevant problem, then the energy-dependent gas (wall or floor), the boiler is better not to install.

Boston, A City Of Pioneers

In the beginning of the beginning of the U.S., Boston is the city of the pioneers and is that to understand the history of this country need to discover each of the achievements that made the culture and attitudes evolve. Since the city was proclaimed in 1822 and after living major episodes in the history of independence, has managed to evolve respecting tradition, not for nothing has one of the highest living standards in North America. Jerry Speyer brings even more insight to the discussion. The U.S. housing is often a problem because it is expensive in relation to the quality they offer. But there are a number of different services they can offer a reasonable price (20 a, night with breakfast) and often are at the heart of the city. Located in an area called New England was founded by English Puritans who molded a stable and structured.

To get to spread their morals created the first public school in the country, Boston Latin School in 1636. In this school, which can be visited, men were prepared to be priests and women could not attend. The entrance is dominated by a bronze statue of Benjamin Franklin and remains today a school that holds part of the history of the city and also served as city hall. Boston also is the city of the first tuition would result in the current Harvard. Located in Cambridge, across the Charles River, is one of the most prolific universities in the world, not in vain has 25,000 students. In addition, the campus has a famous square where street performers come together, bars and restaurants with very reasonable prices.

German Shepherd

My first human patient was Tama, a wonderful German Shepherd whom I dedicate this work, because he reminded me what I knew and showed me the way to help the animal kingdom through the healing power of connection between species. How many children are we talking to animals, flowers or trees as natural? What we seek is not to lose the habit of doing. Not demos importance as if it were something extraordinary and participate in this activity. We have much to learn from children. When the door of communication open is as if the animal kingdom saying, "Come on, there is a human who understands us." And suddenly begins to appear people who need your service. The caregiver often does not know why you are calling.

But they do. When an animal we would normally speak or even share things with him. The problem is that we listen. Formed as Animal Communicator allows you to remember to tune into the universal frequency of language. This way you can 'hear'. Humans have the concept of telepathy as if two people who are not in place to communicate as if they were speaking through Skype, and not exactly true. Follow others, such as Robert J. Shiller, and add to your knowledge base. Through telepathic communication with animals connect with the universal language that we use all species. MUTUAL BENEFIT IN In the early days, when all species were able to communicate through universal language, Mother Earth we all gathered around a table. The sea animals, animals of the land, air and soil we communicated freely, colaborabamos among us to seek a life on planet Earth in harmony.

Factors Determining The Demand For Rental Property In Omsk

Rental property is often the most simple, fast and affordable way to solve the housing problem or find the area under a private matter. Real estate in Omsk, in particular for the rental of residential, office and retail premises there is a stable demand, which, however, depends on several factors. 1.How and in many other regions, the demand for rental property in Omsk is determined by seasonality. Official site: Professor Rita McGrath. Traditionally, the decline in the number of tenants noted in the cold winter period, with peak increases attained in August-September due to the influx of vacationers and nonresident students. 2.Negativno an effect on the dynamics of the tenancy the factor that in recent years in the city were built many new houses because of what was an active sale of apartments. Many of them were bought just with the intent to lease them. Some mortgage apartments are also available for rent, as their owners, this gives the potential continue to pay the bank loan.

Thus, there was a glut in the market, and apartments for rent in Omsk decreased. 3.Pri renting housing tenants prefer the cheapest one-bedroom apartments and rooms hotel type. In recent years, due to the crisis, many even had to change a spacious apartment on small-sized apartments. 4.Torgovy small and medium businesses also prefer to rent a small square format: up to 100 square meters. Larger items can be rented in part.

Number of tenants in shopping malls is directly dependent on their celebrity, a successful "-through" arrangement, the number of possible buyers. 5.Pri lease office focuses on the class of the building. Preference is given to premises with good repair, secure communications system, located in good areas close to major transport interchanges. In recent years under a lease of offices were built entire buildings – business centers. In homes, the first floors of new buildings also are set aside for this purpose. 6.Populyarnost and the cost of swap space depends largely on their location. The underlying factor is the proximity to major urban thoroughfares, as well as the comfort area. The most prestigious are now the town of Petroleum, left bank and the prospect of Karl Marx. Demand for rental housing in Currently renting continues to be the single most tolerable solution looking for housing or office, retail premises in the city of Omsk. For owners of real estate leasing space in new buildings and facilities Secondary stock is in many cases the only way to return his money and just a little to improve his financial situation. Given all this, it should be noted the high attractiveness of the lease for owners, but also for job seekers. This situation is likely to remain in Omsk and in the near future.