Economy Egypt's understandably going through significant recovery, and living standards rise. This state become attractive for foreign nationals, together with the increased purchasing power of the local population. In this case, the demand for property increases dramatically, and with it grows and its cost. If you decide to buy property abroad, and such an idea ever occur to an increasing number of Russian businessmen, the perfect place for you – Egypt and buying property in Egypt. Let us dwell on some of the important reasons why it is worth doing here. When buying a property abroad is very important not to err in the choice of the country. In Europe, for example, little countries with good climate and quality of life, where the Russian, still love, or, at worst, not isolated.

In Germany and France do not like the Slavs, with the attendant consequences. In Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and Italy, the climate, quality of life and construction – has been remarkable, but the prices and standard of living too high for most Russians. The Egyptians also refer to us historically well, with sympathy, that is very important. The flight from Moscow to Hurghada will take 4,5 hours, in the presence of almost daily charter flights. Perhaps it is good in Canada and Australia, but there on a weekend is not the incident, and just for 10-18 hours in the aircraft hold is not everyone's strength. Thus, a property in Egypt – it's close, warm, inexpensive, and do not look at you as an enemy of the people.

And here at this site () You can find reviews of our fellow citizens temporarily or permanently residing in Egypt. This is the official site of public non-commercial association 'Russian House in Egypt "Egyptian real estate liquid, is constantly increasing in price and is a good way to invest. There will always be the Mediterranean or Red Sea, excellent climate, almost European standard of living at moderate prices of foodstuffs, construction materials and labor. The cost of square meters of new housing, depending on the type of real estate in Egypt ranges from 350 to 2.500 dollars to finish 'under key. " It is quite reasonable prices Is it possible that life in one of the most beautiful and mysterious countries, attractions which attracts many tourists from around the world will seem to someone unattractive? In country, whose development is skyrocketing? In a country where just a haven, thanks to the mild climate and the brightness of nature. The answer is obvious. That's why now is the time to think about how to buy real estate in Egipte. us the Egyptian real estate is diverse. This comfortable and spacious house on the coast, and comfortable apartments in the towns clubs, tourist villages, comfortable apartments in residential complexes and Apartments in beautiful urban areas. All this property is located in the top (as quiet and busy) areas of Egypt with a well developed infrastructure. And so, according to the criteria for money / quality of life / simplicity registration of transactions Egyptian real estate market currently holds a leading position. The main benefits of investing in Egyptian real estate. The mild climate, the richness and variety of the nature of Egypt developed infrastructure in the cities of Egypt, goodwill and hospitality of local residents low property prices Egypt, low investment risk and guarantees state support for legislative urovneEgipetskoe law currently allows foreigners to acquire land, but it may interest investors who have plans to build hotels, houses, residential complexes, etc.