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It is a bloodbath and we are very wrong because world markets don’t react to measures arranged by the monetary authorities and political, said Hiten Agarwal of Angel Broking in Mumbai. The crisis explained by an English banker since the beginning of 2008, the major us, European and Japanese exchanges have lost almost half of its value. The exasperating is that the banks are ignoring massive injections of liquidity by central banks. The interbank market is practically paralyzed, liquidity. still lacking you what can halt this decline in the markets then, seen that the casualties of joint rates of countries, injections of liquidity, bailout packages, the nationalizations are not generating the anticipated effect? The G7 leaders met yesterday with Paulson and Bernanke in Washington, to assess new measures that will help you to unzip the adverse effect that this decline in the markets is causing.

Same Germany, quite contrary and hoisting the flag of capitalism and the free market, refused to accept a global bailout of banks. It is now opening the door to concerted action in Europe. Times are shortened. And the threats of a strong and direct contagion on the real economy are beginning to take dangerous form. The credit crisis continues to affect now automotive and real estate sectors in Europe, which is generating destruction of jobs, as well as in the United States. According to European analysts, paralysis of the interbank market may also cause bankruptcy of enterprises in chain.

But if there is something that rescue from this stock market decline, it is its generalization. There are no sectors that have fallen and others not, as it could have happened in previous post-burbujas. The casualties are uniforms. is fortunate that may have blown everyone equally? No, rather that there now opportunities for everyone equally in the market. Multiform crisis, called the French Le Monde. Affects a large number of actors and nearly all assets: shares, bonds of companies, credit derivatives, commodities and how heard him an analyst this week of the French magazine L expansion in its online edition: this crisis is like an Impressionist picture: If one approaches you too are more than images without coherence, and if you move a little, the landscape can be appreciated in its full dimension.

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The current housing market seems a lot to market cars that today seems more a bad dream than a real situation that lived many of the people we meet every day on the street. In many places I have read that the drop of the real estate in bag will not affect real estate, but I think the reality is that more informed investors have already begun to go out with strength of the housing market. If they have started by selling the shares publicly traded is because they are infinitely more liquid than real estate. The illiquidity of the immovables is tremendous and when the fall is of general knowledge can become extremely difficult to sell properties, even lowering them the price. However I think that a lowered the price of real estate siginificativa would be positive for the overall economy and the majority of the population in the long term, although short tensions and imbalances can occur if the fall is too fast.

The hardest hit would be those who have investments in real estate, but would go to benefit the holders of residence, merchants, rehabilitation of buildings, etc. Currently the price of real estate represents a brake on the economy even worse (by corruption, lack of transparency, etc.) or similar to the taxes. The Malaysian operation was assessed the heritage of the most rock in 2,400 million euros (400,000 million pestas). Developers paid that money is, but he actually left, without knowing it, the pocket of all persons who bought flats, local and villas in Marbella during those years. Which is to say that, despite the image of solidity that has real estate investment, a very important part of the price which is paid by real estate is not backed by something tangible and real as the solar or the actual construction, but that is smoke (bribes) that any day may disappear forever.

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