In as to the process of running mortgage non-judicial, the laws of the State of Wyoming contemplate that this will happen, when there is a mortgage a power of sale or a deed of trust. And although with only this the lender can start the sales process, in this State not you can sell the property, without first give you a last chance to the borrower to pay the total balance of the loan. As the sale process, the laws of Wyoming express that when in power or in the trust deed is determined the shape, the day and the conditions in which the sale of that House will be conducted, that stipulation should be respected. But, when you do not say anything about how that should be carried out that sale, stipulates that it must be performed by the lender or by the person who the designated to do so in the following manner: a notice of sale must be created, this will have to be published in the newspaper in the county where the property is locatedat least once a week for four (4) consecutive weeks. This notice must specify in addition to fundamental data, a description of the property, the date, the time and place where the sale will be conducted. The date of sale, any person who is interested in buying it may make an offer, and even the same lender can make it. And as in all sales that are made through auction processes, property will remain in the hands of the highest bidder, i.e., of the person who makes a better offer. Therefore, if you want to buy a cheap home in the State of Wyoming, you already know that you can find them in the local newspaper for the county or city where you want to buy; However, if you want a information more comprehensive and detailed in terms of homes at auction or foreclosure of this State, you can hire a real estate agent roots of the place, without doubt they will have more detailed information on their lists.

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