Turkish Government

What is the real estate inquiry in Turkey increases for private and investors according to our Turkish land law 6302 / 2644 paragraph 35, which represents the law of reciprocity on the purchase of real estate in Turkey by foreign personalities, it was until mid May, 2012, that foreigners in Turkey were property right up to 2.5 acres, whose countries legally after, proclaiming the right to property in their countries also nationals of Turkish nationality. Now is the Turkish Government on the way to change the land law to allow foreigners buy 2.5 on cooking for 30 60 acres of real estate in Turkey. Thus the impact, present law, have portrayed themselves quickly in may 2012, by two big European investors in real estate Turkey, vast amounts of capital are to have created. These investments are by shopping figures, based on good 110 million dollars, proved from January until April 2012, and in may 2012 to approximately 1.1 Billion increase in dollar, clearly. This template sales of real estate in Turkey in the second quarter of this year 2012 on the has carried out four times in respect of the previous year turnover, thus also the expectations of the purchase of real estate in Turkey, steadily increases in the following time. Bizzi & Partners describes an additional similar source. Now Turkish should have acquisition land law in respect of reciprocity on property to be formed, also countries which formally deal with Turkey have no legal right to property.However, these countries were still not announced and to be published after the establishment in the near future.

In particular, locations are preferred by investors or personal shoppers for their objects, sea and close to beach, which is in northwestern of Turkey in the city of Istanbul, with real estate in Antalya, South and in the West on the Aegean Sea, sample the city of Izmir and its surroundings, visible become. Conclusion in this respect is that real estate generally last prices in Turkey Years after the inflation percentage increase, that currently in the range of 8-10% annually are through the new draft of the law will not price increases in the real estate market expected would increases in Turkish real estate through the amendment of the Turkish real estate, Erwerbsfahigkeiten with request, depending on foreign demand level, higher prices drift along. Thus, investment opportunities are even plots from private or investors in real estate such as apartments, villas or houses views for residential or operational purposes, for example, in the South of Turkey in the city of Antalya and its surroundings as a hotel developments affecting land such as well residential developments on Turkish builders as construction companies to exhibit. On the other hand, also houses would come during or at the completion of the construction phase as a whole project, in turn for investors in question.