If the diagnosis is benign has been confirmed, a laser is used for the excision of the lesion in the focused mode, or for ablation – a defocused. Further details can be found at John Savignan, an internet resource. It is also possible to use a laser in the case of fibroids, mukotsele, granulomas, amalgam pigmentation, hemangiomas th and lymphangitis gums and tongue. DISCLOSURE sulcus Diode lasers are convenient for bloodless disclosure sulcus before removing the cast. This eliminates the need for retraction filament and vasoconstrictors. The tip of the laser is placed below the edge of sulcus and the tissue removed in the form of a ledge to expose the border of dissection. This technique requires experience and should carried out with caution to prevent unwanted damage of the tooth. FIZIOTERPAIYA In connection with the properties of the wavelength semiconductor lasers, they are great luchli rasprastranenie the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Using special techniques at all stages of periodontitis, can dobivtsya good results with minimal surgical intervention and reduction of treatment. TEETH WHITENING LASER used in combination with chemical agents for rapid laser cosmetic whitening. This procedure is done in one visit is fast and painless as possible has a significant effect. LASER SAFETY Despite its excellent in the role of the surgical instrument, laser is inherently dangerous. However, subject to appropriate safeguards and careful selection of cases, laser Surgery will be as safe as any other. Security parameters vary to some extent depending on the different types of absorption of laser beams. Each wavelength requires its own set of goggles for absorption of this particular wavelength.

Should be removed from the operative field, flammable items or thoroughly moisten them with water to prevent ignition. Things such as gauze, cotton rolls, etc. in features can cause problems if they are dry and have been hurt by a laser beam. Flammable liquids or gases used for anesthesia or operating room, should also be considered as a source of danger and should be eliminated. Cleaning agents and alcohol – common flammable substances. Frequent byproduct of laser photothermal effect is steam mixed with cell and tissue particles. For surgical Brigade is important to avoid inhaling the plume. This can be avoided by using pumps smoke. CONCLUSION The use of lasers in dental surgery has many advantages. Complete understanding of the relevant physics, control parameters, indications and contraindications, and conditions of safe use is extremely important. With the increasing number of available wavelengths of lasers, the use of lasers for cosmetic purposes on soft and hard tissues will inevitably increase