Property Prices

After a sharp decline in business activity level buyers in the property market in late 2008 against the backdrop of the global economic crisis and the uncertainty of demand during the first three quarters of 2009 in late 2009 there has been a positive trend of transactions of sale of objects, both residential and commercial real estate. In response to growing consumer activity, many industry experts are inclined to predict start a new hype in the property market, which has already reached its bottom price, and because of that inevitable rise in prices, primarily for housing. However, not all experts hold that view. According to some analysts, the recovery of real estate market may emerge not so well under the influence of these factors. Logic, which can be characterized as "sellers have been more patient buyers, based on the belief that consumers, thinking that the market price has reached its bottom, began to acquire real property, thereby realizing the pent-up demand, only partially true. In assessing market dynamics should be consider the fact that most of the transactions carried out on the secondary market, a feature which is the length of time for up to two to three months. Thus to say that in December 2009 – the beginning of a new boom is not true. More correctly viewed as a consequence of this rise is the buyer's decision to acquire property on the prevailing and stabilized at this point prices. Simultaneously with the decision of buyers vendors have also come to the conclusion that the sale of its facilities on current prices, and on the background of this understanding the number of recorded transactions started to increase.