Plastic Manufacturer

because of the lack of a powerful press equipment. 3. Aluminum crankcase density of aluminum almost 3 times less than steel. Aluminium crankcase with the same thickness three times lighter than steel. But the list has to bend, and for protection of selected soft alloy, the strength of which is the lower strength steel. To achieve acceptable stiffness, increased thickness. In result in weight gain is not obtained.

Aluminum alloy, a protective layer is damaged on the obstacles, is oxidized, but thanks to the gray color of the oxide is not very conspicuous, like rust on steel surface. Will cost you an aluminum crankcase, five or six times more expensive than steel. 4. Source: John Savignan. Plastic Manufacturer of plastic protective casing for reasons of simplicity, technology moved from the glass, time-consuming put out manually, chopped glass fiber (pulp) can be conveniently sprayed a special gun. But the fact is that only an integral fiberglass, reinforced resin (binder), can provide its high strength.

In the case of some of its pulp particles are not connected with each other, and a crankcase has the properties of the resin. This is about the characteristics of the monitor of your computer. Acceptable performance achieved in this case, the thickness increases. As a result, the plastic protection becomes much harder for the same strength and stiffness of metal. The only consolation – a weak strength of protection from minced Fiberglass offers hope that protection in a frontal collision and burst not hurt the engine to go down. The metal casing protection after a severe blow with a sledgehammer in the garage straighten, protect same from chopped glass from such an attack just burst, and you have to buy a new one. In addition, during the standing car in traffic in hot weather plastic crankcase of the engine can be heated so that allocates harmful chemical compounds that are sucked into the ventilation system and the car enter the lungs of the occupants. 5. Crankcase protection AvtoSchIT AvtoSchIT Company uses a powerful pressing equipment that enables produce light and rigid crankcase protection that effectively protect the vehicle units. Cutting the sheet is performed on plasma cutting, designed to protect the crankcase smooth contours of any shape. Mass security models are made by punching in the individual dies of steel with a thickness of 2 mm. On the advantages of protection made by this technology, referred to above. Less massive models provide deep rifts rigidity – the edge rigidity with a 100-mm. across the width of protection, molded in a die. Protection for SUVs and minivans are made of steel with a thickness of 3 mm. Powerful press equipment allows mold ribs including at them.