Minimalism In Interior Design

If you're tired of the loaded furniture space, if you get multiple partitions in the apartment, and souvenir stuff on the shelves instead of pleasant memories cause a dull irritation due to the need deal with the dust – you are ripe for a minimalist style. This style is an extension of constructivism, which is at the forefront puts the feasibility and utility. In times of birth of minimalism (the beginning of the twentieth century), this style was dictated not so much a fashion as a social necessity. Europe came to minimalism later (60 – years of the twentieth century), satiated with lurid pomp and splendor of traditional interiors. The Company appealed to the simple colors and shapes – the rich light, minimalist interiors, where every thing is important and functional and is strictly reserved to her place.

This style is freedom from unnecessary things dark in which so loves collected rubbish. Minimalism in its various forms comes into fashion periodically. Actually, it is not surprising that at some point, society is tired of fanciful forms and begins to strive for simplicity and clarity that are so much in the style of minimalism. Latest incarnation of a style associated with the growing fashion for the organization of space according to the laws of Feng Shui, according to which we are cluttering housing covers for light positive energy. The main objective of textiles in the style of minimalism – the zoning of the room. Often this wall of translucent fabric panels and curtains.

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